Big Brother Canada 4: Double Eviction Awaits Houseguests In Week 9

This Thursday on Big Brother Canada 4 a Double Eviction awaits the Houseguests and this one won’t be any sort of fake DE like we saw earlier this season.

Cassandra, Tim, and Joel don't know what's coming next
Cassandra, Tim, and Joel don’t know what’s coming next – Source: Global

One Houseguest is already on a crash course to eviction on Thursday, but who is going to join that HG by the end of the night? Lots of fun options ahead.

Right now we’re preparing for Jared to head up on the Block in place of the brothers and when he does I would expect him to be the next evicted Houseguest. So assuming that goes as planned then we’ll take him out of the mix of follow-ups for the second elimination along with Cassandra being out of the running for the next HoH.

If Tim, Joel, or Nikki wins the HoH in round two on Thursday then it would likely be Kelsey and the brothers going up with the brothers being voted out.

If the brothers win HoH I think they’d put up Cassandra along with either Joel or Tim. At this very moment they are upset about Cassandra and Joel working together against them, but if they calm down about it as they tend to waver on stances then Tim could end up there on the Block.

A win by Kelsey could be interesting but more likely she wouldn’t surprise us and her picks would be similar to the brothers since she’ll likely want to stick by them with Jared out of the house. I think she’d put up a mix of Tim, Joel, and Cassandra though the latter is hoping to prep the transition to having Kelsey on her side even with Jared’s eviction.

Who do you want to see win the DE’s HoH and who do you want to be evicted second on Thursday night’s Big Brother Canada 4 Double Eviction event?