Big Brother Canada 3: Zach & Ashleigh Make The Showmance Official [PICS]

We saw the flirting and the Diary Room sessions professing their fluttering hearts to one another, but now Zach Oleynik and Ashleigh Wood have made their showmance official.

Zach and Ashleigh kiss on Big Brother Canada 3
Zach and Ashleigh kiss on Big Brother Canada 3 – Source: Global

Captured on the Feeds last night the pair, Zashleigh (?), were making the best of their new found Have-Not status by curling up together in the cold, dark room and fooling around. There was plenty of kissing and maybe even more as their blankets hid away all the shifting. @89razorskate20 caught some of the action with the screenshots below.

Previously we heard from Zach that he was going to avoid getting in to the romance side of things with Ashleigh because he came to win the game, not the girl. So much for that plan.

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While the pair is having fun in the dark they seem to be keeping their showmance status a secret to the general house population. Last night while several HGs were in the hot tub we saw Zach and Ashleigh sitting side by side but with no apparent contact or hand holding, etc.

What do you think of their showmance? With Zashleigh be their own downfall or could we be looking at the new Jemmitt and Jeda? Hmm, maybe they needed a J-name in there to really make it work.

Image credit: @89razorskate20