Ashleigh Wood enters the Big Brother Canada 3 house this season as one of the new Houseguests competing against fifteen others for Head of Household and eventually the $100K prize.

Ashleigh Wood - Big Brother Canada 3

At 21 years old Ashleigh is currently unemployed but that isn’t holding back her “friendly, goofy, and sassy” personality that she hopes can mimic Jon Pardy’s success last season on Big Brother Canada. Seems everyone wants to be just like Jon; $100K richer!

As for just how Ashleigh Wood would put that cash to use she says she’d want to vacation with her family and get out to Hawaii, one of her favorite places. Next up would be moving out of her parents’ house. I might swap those two. Nah, Hawaii is pretty awesome.

Ashleigh is more worried about facing the mental challenges than the physical ones but she hopes to throw off the other HGs by aligning with surprising picks. She’ll avoid the HoH power at first while working with the quiet, under the radar players before shifting to a more competitive game plan. We’ll have to see if it works when the new season starts March 23, 2015!