Big Brother Canada 3 Spoilers: Week 6 Veto Ceremony Results

The Big Brother Canada spoilers are in for the latest Power of Veto Ceremony delivering our final nominations for the round as we start counting votes.

Big Brother Canada Power of Veto
Big Brother Canada Power of Veto – Source: Global

After last week’s debacle it’d take a lot to top that and the latest Head of Household wasn’t interested in more drama leaving things to go off without any surprises or fireworks.

Godfrey and Sindy were up on the block following Pilar’s nominations. When Godfrey won the Power of Veto competition everyone knew he’d use it and someone else would have to go up.

Pili decided early that Brittnee was the right renom choice but she did consider some alternatives involving Bobby thanks to his lie about having a special Veto power.

That puts Brittnee and Sindy back on the block with one of them set to be evicted. The plan is for Sindy to leave, but I think we all know how things can turn out in the BBCAN3 house.

Who do you hope is evicted next? Is Sindy’s return to the house coming to an end or will Brittnee being the one heading to the Jury house?

As for when this next eviction could happen, the HGs are locked down and can hear construction in the backyard. Could this be playing in to the anticipated and teased double eviction?


  1. Argh. I hope Sindy pulls some magic out of her hat and gets to stay – she’s more entertaining as a houseguest than Britnee (who I also like – but I’d rather see Sindy stay). Boo.

  2. Ughh though I love Britnee….we need stronger girls like Sindy to target all the powerful players so we desperately need Sindy to pull out a win and stay…sorry Britt 🙁

    • Cindy is a good player…problem…trying to much to control things at this point and in the manner she does it. Setting up meetings..where she should get her point across when the time is right when the players are there chilling…meetings in the past most of the time evokes suspicion. Sarah told her after the nominations not to over-lie…keep low key…she didn’t listen.

  3. I would put Bobby up and make him use the Veto if he has one. Why let him save it for latter if he does. It is possible Bobby and Sindy have a joint one that only works if both go up. Might be why Sindy was trying to get Bobby up with her. That would make Pilar think on her own at eviction time to put two new ones up!

    • Do we know if Bobby or Cindy and Bobby have a veto up their sleeves…or is Bobby starting to use some brain cells and actually start fabricating some deceit !

  4. I feel bad for her parents who are watching the show and hearing all the horrible things everyone says about Pilar when they’re in the diary room. I know it’s all true but I imagine it’s very difficult for them to hear it.

  5. Hope Sindy goes. Calls others stupid, are you kidding gets back in the house and isnt smart enough to lay low for bit. Terrible player, send her out. Plz

    • You do realize laying low and not working with people is what gets you out of the game right? She’s actually a great player, and if she didn’t lay low she could’ve been evicted right away if she never won safety.

      • That’s the point. She had safety, so there’s no reason for her not to lay low. And look how it all turned out. Kevin, Bobby, Bruno, and Willow are all laying low and look how well everything is going for them.

        • The difference is they all were laying low from the very beginning. Sindy just came back and she was already a target before she even got back into the house. No matter what happened Sindy would have been a target. Also it’s Bobby’s fault that Sindy is in this position. He threw Sindy under the bus to Zach. If it wasn’t for Bobby, Willow would have went up and probably would have been a target.

  6. Sindy is a good player. Very competitive. Too bad she might not have a chance here. Pili should take out one of the guys, like that…Bobby.

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