Big Brother Canada 3 Spoilers: Week 4 Veto Ceremony Results

We’ve got your Veto spoilers for Big Brother Canada 3 now that the Veto Ceremony is over and the nominations are final for Week 4.

Big Brother Canada Power of Veto
Big Brother Canada Power of Veto – Source: Slice

There was a good bit of mystery for BBCAN3 as we waited to find out who had won the Veto because of the twist’s potential impact on what could happen next. Would a player be forced to be removed or could two of them come down for a double renom? Well that was pretty much answered quickly and now our expectations have been confirmed for this week’s PoV Ceremony.

Bruno Ielo not only won the HoH comp but also snagged this week’s Veto. Had one of the noms taken that prize I think we’d have seen the Double Veto put in to play, but that did not happen.

Since a player was not immediately saved we could safely assume the Double Veto option won the public vote. And it turns out that’s what happened as the Houseguests were informed at the Veto meeting of the twist and public vot. Unfortunately it was dead in the water since the moment Bruno won PoV because he was unlikely to replace both his noms and get 4 HGs on the block this week.

The final noms this week are Johnny and Sarah with one leaving this week.

The next eviction is on Wednesday so there’s plenty of time to decide who will be going home next, but if the vote were held right now I’d say goodbye to Johnny.