Big Brother Canada 3 Feeds Go Dark On Saturday

Get your fill now because the Big Brother Canada Live Feeds are about to be turned off. The final hours of Feeds are running now with the cut-off set for Saturday afternoon and Big Brother in control of just how much we’ll learn before that.

Big Brother Canada 3 House preview
Big Brother Canada 3 Feeds – Source: Global

BBCAN announced they’d be shutting things down this weekend despite there being about five days before the season finale. Once again we’re getting the squash of indifference to their Feedster fans. Sigh. Considering the streak of 1/3 – 1/2 days of Feed downtime this comes as no surprise.

The latest nominations came in overnight but we know this week is all about the Veto which may or may not happen before the Feeds end. Since Big Brother is clearly doing this to protect information it seems like they might shut us out on the Veto results, but who knows.

We’ll be waiting to find out who wins the Veto and gets to cast the sole vote to evict this week. Things are split down the house and that should make this the most intense competition of the season yet.

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  1. Special eviction is no doubt going to happen over the weekend. I’m excited as to how things will go. 😀

    • Yea. Either Sunday or Monday, we’ll see someone walk out (with no spoiler before the show air).

  2. I’m loving ash…if she continues to win when she need to it could be her and god in the final two…and no doubt the jury will give the votes,,,considering what she would have accomplished in the last few week….that would be amazing…the S&B show will be done and the most important point would be she won it all on her own…no production help…no canada’s favourite help…sigh!!…wishful thinking.

    • I agree, the cast wasn’t great (too many similar people) and too many twistos “randomly” destroying players’ games while benefiting players who should have been voted out.

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