Big Brother Canada: Week 8.5 Eviction Plans

Rachelle is a hot dog on Big Brother Canada

The Sloppies are running the Big Brother Canada house while the Gremlins are just plain running. So which of them will be meeting Arisa this week on the big stage? Let’s take a look.

The nominations are set and the Power of Veto is over. There’s no way around it this week on Big Brother Canada. Either Sabrina or Rachelle will be heading out the front door when three of the Sloppies cast their votes on Thursday night.

Since Neda did not use her PoV on Adel’s noms we’ll see her, Heather, and Jon decide which of the Gremlins leaves. Right now the plan is to send Rachelle out the door and that hasn’t changed in the past several days.

The controlling HGs do not want to risk giving Rachelle a chance at winning a physical comp like she did in the past with the HoH endurance battle. That’s not to say Sabrina couldn’t win a comp, but she hasn’t yet and they like their odds against her better.

Of course nothing is simple in the Big Brother house and there are rumblings of using Sabrina to evict Adel next week instead of the Sloppies doing it themselves, but there are so many opportunities for that to go wrong we’ll just have to hope and wait for some unexpected drama.

If you were on Big Brother Canada, which Gremlin would you vote out? Rachelle or Sabrina?