Big Brother Canada 2 Jury House Revealed [PICS]

Big Brother Canada 2
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On the bright side of an eviction vote, Big Brother HGs eliminated after the start of Jury seclusion are sent away to what’s typically a very nice residence to wait out their days before returning to vote for who they want to win. Or sometimes for who they don’t want to win.

This year the evicted HGs on Big Brother Canada are heading off to an awesome looking house to kick back and try to have some fun even if their chance at the big prize money is gone.

Considering HGs spend their pre Big Brother days sequestered in a hotel room with little escape this much feel so much better. Here they’ll get their own room, though there is a bunk room for anyone missing the mass sleeping arrangements, and their own bathroom. Even better is that they can take a shower without doing it on camera. That’s gotta be a nice change of pace.

Check out the Big Brother Canada Jury House photos below and see what you think of the HGs temporary home away from BBCAN:

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