Big Brother Canada 2: Week 3 Nomination Anticipation

Ika and Jon talk noms

There’s a new Head of Household on Big Brother Canada which means a new round of nominations are heading our way. We’ve been watching and following the Live Feeds to see who Ika will put on the block for the first round of noms.

After the Feeds returned following last night’s show we saw Ika talking with Adel in the bathroom. He was pushing her for a four HG alliance with her, Neda, Paul, and him. The proposed target would be going after Andrew and Kenny.

Later last night Ika told Kenny she was going after Paul and Adel, so she’s definitely playing both sides of the fence so far at least to some extent.

What is she planning to do? I’m having a tough time being certain here, but she has been telling most everyone that at least Paul is going up. He did renom her week one and has been a problem in the house so who would blame her? But like Andrew, I imagine she’ll realize there are bigger fish to fry.

As for who Ika won’t target, well this morning she had a big hug therapy session with Sabrina, Neda, and Rachelle were they promised to all stop being catty and start supporting one another from now on. Later Sabrina told Sarah she’d protect Ika for as long as it was good for her and not further.

Lots more can change today and we’ll keep watching for updates to see where Ika is heading for her nominations. One thing is for sure, Allison, the new HG, can not be nominated this week either as an original nom or a renom. She’s got immunity for her first week in the house.

What do you think of Ika’s plan? Which HG would you target for eviction if you had the power this week?

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