Big Brother Canada 2: Watch Episode 5 – Eviction & HoH

Big Brother Canada 2
Big Brother Canada 2 on Slice

Last night on Big Brother Canada we saw the second HG evicted, a new Head of Household crowned, and the final HG revealed to audiences and houseguests alike.

It was definitely an exciting night on BBCAN2 and the new HoH should give the game a needed balance in power this week to avoid any power landslides for too long in one direction. Add on that to our fav Secret HG getting the vote-in win and we couldn’t have asked for anything more out of Thursday’s show.

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Later today or tomorrow we should find out which HGs are nominated but we’ll keep watching to confirm what we expect to happen at the nomination ceremony. Check in throughout the day to learn more.

You can watch Big Brother Canada episode 5 right now on, but if you’re outside Canada you’ll first need to visit using a Chrome browser. Install the free add-on then go over to and let Hola unblock the site by picking the little Canadian flag.

Here’s the direct link to watch BBCAN2 episode 5 online at Slice.

You can also watch Big Brother Canada SideShow Episode 2 over at as well. Of course you’ll have to deal with the YELLING from one of the hosts…