Big Brother Canada 2: Who Was Voted Out? Week 3 Eviction Show Results

Arisa Cox on Big Brother Canada
Arisa Cox hosts Big Brother Canada – Source: Slice

Tonight on Big Brother Canada another HouseGuest is eliminated when the votes come in what could end up being an exciting blindside. Along with an elimination a new Head of Household will be crowned and we’ll start up a new round of events.

We’ll be updating this post here with the live broadcast (the show isn’t live) and the official results come in so stick with us tonight starting at 9PM ET.

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Arisa reveals the pending return of Marsha The Moose with more secret missions coming up on BBCAN2! More details on that soon.

Who Was Voted Off Big Brother Canada Tonight:

  • Arlie votes to evict Paul
  • Adel votes to evict Heather
  • Andrew votes to evict Paul
  • Kenny votes to evict Paul
  • Neda votes to evict Heather
  • Rachelle votes to evict Heather
  • Jon votes to evict Paul
  • Sabrina votes to evict Heather
  • Allison votes to evict Paul
  • Sarah votes to evict Paul

That’s it. Paul has been evicted from the Big Brother house by a vote of 6-4.

Who Won HoH On Big Brother Canada Tonight – “Hang In There For HoH”:

Endurance! HGs place their hands on a podium and must keep them there while being pulled away by a winch. Last HG standing wins Head of Household. Awesome!

We’ll keep watching on the Feeds until we get the HoH results so stick with us!

Heather is already out of the comp! What a goof!

Feeds returned around 10:25PM ET and we discovered that Rachelle had won HoH! She named Arlie, Sabrina, Adel, & Heather to be Have-Nots this week.

Are you happy with how tonight’s show turned out? Keep with us as we watch to find out who will be targeted for the next round of nominations coming up late Friday or early Saturday.