Big Brother Canada 2: Week 2 Eviction Prediction

We’re still two days away from the next eviction on Big Brother Canada 2, but let’s not stop that from speculating on who is about to be voted out this week.

Arisa Cox on Big Brother Canada
Arisa Cox on Big Brother Canada – Source: Slice

The final set of nominations for Week 2 of BBCAN were made official yesterday after the Veto Ceremony so now there’s no turning back. Read on for the spoilers discussion or skip it and wait for Wednesday night’s show to reveal the Veto results and final noms.

Andrew got the chance to go after his real target, Kyle, after Kenny used his Veto power to remove Neda from the block. Now with Kyle and Paul on the block things are becoming clear inside the house which one of them will be heading home.

Kyle now expects to be the next Houseguest evicted from Big Brother Canada and will follow Anick out the door leaving Paul behind to whine, complain, and whine some more. Lovely. It’s a smart move as Kyle is a tough guy that could do some damage in later competitions, but Paul is Paul and unless he changes his tune we’ll all be suffering watching the Live Feeds.

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Do you think it’s a smart move to keep Paul this week or would you rather have Kyle in the game if you were a houseguest on Big Brother Canada 2?

The funny part of Kyle’s eviction anticipation is that he thinks it’s coming sooner than normal. Last night Kyle and Adel, alliance members with Paul, said goodnight for the “last time” thinking Kyle would be sent home today rather than Thursday. They should figure that out soon enough.

Keep with us as we continue to watch the Feeds and check for any last minute change in plans. You never know what could happen!