Big Brother Canada 2: Week 2 Eviction Prediction

We’re still two days away from the next eviction on Big Brother Canada 2, but let’s not stop that from speculating on who is about to be voted out this week.

Arisa Cox on Big Brother Canada
Arisa Cox on Big Brother Canada – Source: Slice

The final set of nominations for Week 2 of BBCAN were made official yesterday after the Veto Ceremony so now there’s no turning back. Read on for the spoilers discussion or skip it and wait for Wednesday night’s show to reveal the Veto results and final noms.

Andrew got the chance to go after his real target, Kyle, after Kenny used his Veto power to remove Neda from the block. Now with Kyle and Paul on the block things are becoming clear inside the house which one of them will be heading home.

Kyle now expects to be the next Houseguest evicted from Big Brother Canada and will follow Anick out the door leaving Paul behind to whine, complain, and whine some more. Lovely. It’s a smart move as Kyle is a tough guy that could do some damage in later competitions, but Paul is Paul and unless he changes his tune we’ll all be suffering watching the Live Feeds.

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Do you think it’s a smart move to keep Paul this week or would you rather have Kyle in the game if you were a houseguest on Big Brother Canada 2?

The funny part of Kyle’s eviction anticipation is that he thinks it’s coming sooner than normal. Last night Kyle and Adel, alliance members with Paul, said goodnight for the “last time” thinking Kyle would be sent home today rather than Thursday. They should figure that out soon enough.

Keep with us as we continue to watch the Feeds and check for any last minute change in plans. You never know what could happen!


  1. Kyle’s mistake in the game is not making alliances sooner the moment he went inside the house, which is no wonder he’s an outcast among the rest of the guys, save for Adel and Paul.

    I didn’t think Kyle and Paul would actually be friends inside so that’s a surprise.

    • Kyle and Paul have a common goal (which in my opinion is why they are friends) – to see Andrew brought down a peg or 2. Although i would certainly agree with it, i don’t think either of them is equipped to do it. Along with Adel, they did not pick their battles wisely. No matter which one stays, they better fight to the death for the next HOH. Or they’re easy pickins’.

      • Better if Paul and Adel (since Kyle is on the way out on Thursday) side with Jon and his allies (I can imagine Paul not being Jon’s favorite father figure at the moment) to bring down Andrew.

        Unfortunately, the key to that is to find the 4 people aligned to him as power is likely to shift around them if the First Five stays intact for the next few weeks. Kenny is dangerous while Sabrina’s a rat in sheep’s clothing.

  2. Possible problems with andrew backdooring kyle, makes andrew appear weak (depends on jury); he become the next physical threat early in the game.

    • It’s still a secret. Maybe he will tell them soon since Sabrina has the hots for him. She thinks he wants her bod LOL.

  3. What I find really funny is how each HG names their pet peeves, then do exactly what the claim as a pet peeve
    I am surprised as how quick the drama started with this group of people. I can’t recall it ever being this soon in any of the BB seasons.
    Can’t wait to see Andrew and Kenny get knocked down a few notches. They are both way to arrogant and egotistical IMO
    Every time that Heather speaks, OMG All I want to do is reach for a gag to shut her up. That has got to be the most annoying voice. Way to whiny, I don’t know how the other HGs can stand to even speak with her.
    Someone needs to tell Andrew that he will never be anything close to Emmett, he doesn’t have the character nor class that Emmett has.
    Really looking forward to watching the drama unfold, if it’s like this, this early, can’t wait to see what it’s like in a month or so. Can only get worse (or is that better?) from

  4. Kyle just got voted out. He deserved to still be there. I think it’s very unfair that he’s out so soon in the game. Kyle keep your head up high, you are a good hearted person with a good soul. You stood by your guys you prayed with Adel in another religion. Doesn’t matter your out because you stayed true to yourself. Be proud and if ever big brother brings someone back I truly hope it’s you.

    • His speech after being voted out was excellent. It would be easy to be bitter after the way the house treated him this week but he stood above it all. He went up about 100 points in my book.

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