Big Brother Canada 2 – Jon Pardy Dislocates His Arm [PHOTOS] – Updates

Ouch! Jon Pardy did not have a good afternoon in the Big Brother Canada house. Goofing around in the pool led to a serious trip to the doctor and a lot of freaked out girls in the house. Check out the pictures below!

Jon Pardy dislocates his arm on Big Brother Canada
BBHGs react to Jon Pardy dislocating his shoulder – Source: Slice

While the BBCAN2 Houseguests were out back on lockdown Jon decided to jump in the pool and swim around to kill time. Shortly after 4PM BBT the girls surrounding the pool jumped up and started shouting. There was so much noise I couldn’t tell if Jon was part of that yelling or not, but I sure would have been!

The cameras jump around as Jon gets out of the pool holding his arm which appears to have dislocated. Sabrina runs over to the metal garage door over the backdoors and starts banging and yelling for a doctor. Yeah, Sabrina, there are cameras and mics all over the place, they know.

The girls escort Jon as he places his hand up on the wall like he’s going to reset it himself but they yell at him not to. The Feeds cut to “Hush Hush.”

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Later the cameras were back on in the house as HGs were worried, but confident that Jon will be okay. Jon is lucky he’s got a few days to rest up before the next challenge, but don’t be surprised if there’s no heavy lifting involved this time!

Update: Kenny came back from the DR looking for Jon’s belongings. HGs suspect he might be staying out overnight. Source: Twitter.

Update 2: Jon is back in the house, so no overnight stays for him.