Big Brother Canada 2 – Week 1 Eviction Prediction

Live Eviction show tonight on Big Brother Canada

Tonight on Big Brother Canada the first HG will be evicted and so far we know who is on the block and have an idea of who it might be when the axe falls. Read on for the latest Big Brother Canada spoilers

After watching the Feeds we know that Anick and Ika are the final nominees this week. It sounds like Andrew was an original nominee but saved himself with the Power of Veto.

Either Ika or Anick will hold the dubious honor of being the first HG eliminated from BBCAN2. Since last night we’ve been listening to private conversations and right now it sounds like Anick could be in trouble.

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Up in the HoH room HGs were joking around about the goodbye message they’d give her. Today Sabrina sat Anick down and told her she thought Anick was annoying for awhile though she likes her better now. This conversation was supposed to give Anick a heads up that she was in trouble. Looks like Anick better start channeling all the energy she can to make a happy exit from the house.

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Who do you want to see leave tonight on Big Brother Canada?