Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Veto Plans For Week 7

Allison smirks

Big Brother Canada is in for one heck of a week and I did not see this coming. If I had written yesterday about the Veto plans for today’s ceremony things would be entirely different.

There were big shifts in the house last night after a drunk-infested party for the HGs and the booze greased the wheels for some incredible changes. Read on for the spoilers of what should be coming up today that will set us up for a very fun week.

A few days ago the Big Brother HGs were planning to backdoor Allison, or at least try. Of course Allison has the Red Veto which will let her change the noms, even her own. It seemed like we were set to see production’s dream come true with her power coming in to play in its last opportunity. That smelled fishy.

No worries though, that doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen after all. The HGs have a new backdoor plan: Arlie. Oh yes.

Last night was crazy and I’m trying to reconstruct what happened in the wee hours, so this may not be perfect, but it’s what seems to have gone down. A drunk Allison started working over Heather and Neda with a sob story of stress. Allison warned the girls not to trust Arlie and to back sure they didn’t let the guys wins. Whatever she was saying seemed to get through to the girls and off they went to Jon.

Talking with Jon, Heather and Neda convinced him this was their chance to strike at Arlie. Jon agreed, “hundo.” (I hope to never hear that on another Big Brother.) Not only that, but now they’re looking at putting together a Final Four of Jon, Neda, Heather, and Allison. Of course I believe that’ll last as long as Jon can go without touching his junk, but it’s interesting (the alliance, not Jon’s junk).

So later today Jon, as this week’s winner of the Power of Veto, will save Rachelle (they don’t trust Sabrina off the block), renom Arlie, and send him packing come Thursday night. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

Arlie screwed over the First Five alliance and then laughed at them saying four of them will go in a row (anticipating Sabrina’s eviction) while he’d be left behind. What a dummy. He destroyed his own alliance from the inside out and now he’ll get to be its final peg driven in to the ground.

On top of that you’ve got Arlie celebrating that he’s made F2 deals with everyone in the house. Hello, Arlie, have you never watched Big Brother before? That’s text book planning for things to blow up in your face. That sort of widespread deal making always gets exposed. Oh this will be great. I love it. Well, if it all plays out like I hope.

What do you think of this new Veto plan? Is Jon crazy to go after Arlie or is it the right move at the right time? Share your thoughts and get ready for more spoilers later today when the Veto Ceremony is held!