Big Brother Canada 2: Veto Plans For Week 6

Heather on Big Brother Canada
Heather on Big Brother Canada – Source: Slice

The next Power of Veto Ceremony is coming up later today in the Big Brother Canada house and we’ve got the details on what we expect to happen. Read on for the latest spoilers and get ready for today’s events.

While most of our attention has been drawn to the Hidden Veto twist, and yes I’ll have more on that shortly, there’s also been plenty of talk as to what will happen at today’s Veto meeting. After Saturday’s Veto win by Kenny we know he will most definitely be using the Veto to keep himself safe. That’ll give Heather the chance to name a renom.

Initially we heard Heather saying she’d go after Sabrina as the renom and send her home. Now that’s changed to targeting Sarah.

Earlier Sarah had been telling HGs she’d volunteer to go up and go home before someone else in her alliance so she didn’t get stuck in Jury away from her family. Now it looks like she might get her wish to come true.

If Sarah goes up today as Kenny’s replacement and the vote were held right then we’d see Sarah leave and Allison stay. We’ve still got three more days to go though so anything can happen, but it’d take some big changes for Allison to be the one leaving.

Allison has gotten in good with the numbers in the house and Heather is saying she wants Allison to stay and be on their side. Allison is ready to make that flip which will leave just Sabrina, Kenny, and Rachelle on the weak side if/when that happens.

What do you think of Heather’s renom plans. Would you go for Sarah or one of the other HGs? Sarah seems like a weak option to me after hearing from Heather about her “big moves” for this week, but perhaps undercutting Kenny’s support is still a good move even if not a “big” one.