Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Week 6 Veto Competition Results

Power of Veto on Big Brother Canada

The Power of Veto results are in for your Big Brother Canada spoilers after a very late and very long PoV competition wrapped up in the house.

Read on for the latest spoilers on the PoV and what the HGs are planning to do next. These events won’t air until Wednesday if you’re waiting for just the show’s schedule.

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Kenny won the Power of Veto!

Rachelle, Sabrina, and Arlie joined HoH Heather and the nominees, Allison and Kenny in the comp. It was a timed spelling bee with individual rounds.

With Kenny’s win of the Big Brother Veto he’ll be able to save himself from the block and open a spot for Heather to name a renom. Right now her plans include using Sarah as the renom and as the new target. So after all her big talk of getting a big player she’s going with Sarah. Yeah.

Allison has renegotiated her position in the Big Brother Canada house and is now flipping over to the other side and abandoned the First Five alliance. Not a big deal since they never really brought her in and was just keeping her as an honorary member due to Andrew.

What do you think of the Veto results? Are you happy that Kenny will survive at least another week with the house coming together against him and the FF?


        • If they get rid of Sarah, bring Allison over to their side and Arlie votes with the outsiders, Sabrina and Kenny would be the only 2 FF left. Therefore the outsiders would have the numbers to get rid of Kenny or Sabrina at any point and time. Yeah, maybe they don’t want her in the jury but that’s better than having her in the house. Plus her powers of persuasion are beginning to diminish.

  1. A little surprised that Sarah would go up before Sabrina! With all the lies going around the house you would think she would go first. But understandable to split up Kenny & Sarah…..

  2. I don’t mind Sarah going home She’s a loyal ally of Kenny, but Sabrina would be horrible in the Jury. I’m ok with either one of them.

  3. Hmmm. Good choice! Sarah is extremely loyal to Kenny if she’s gone they can sway Sabrina (who’d obviously sway) to leave Kenny for the other alliance and it would be easier to get Kenny out next week. Although, I like Kenny!!

  4. Heather is so stupid … going after Sarah? Sarah was the swing vote that kept her safe! She should be going after Rochelle/Sabrina

  5. I don’t want Sarah to go, I like her! Even if she is aligned with Kenny, I still like her, I like Kenny to! I would be upset to see Sarah go! Sabrina would be are we betteroops sorry talk to text and this won’t let me delete, weird. Anyway I think sabrina should be put up, not Sarah. Just my 2 cents because she’s my favorite! Her and John!

  6. I do not understand why Canada is so against the first 5. Well, I guess the first three now lol. Get rid of sabrina though if they have to get rid of one of them. Sara is smart, and really lol….Loyal!!!.oops sorry again talk to text and will not let mE delete!!!. It was supposed to say and really boil gir OMG this is typing stupidly. I am trying to say boil no boil No el oh el oh my god this is so stupid and it won’t let me delete lol lol ok forget it it won’t see what I wanted to say but I am saying she isLOYAL!!!! HAHA Typing now!

    • See? I went waaay back to the past to let you find me! You can search for me on FB under Matt Silver (from Toronto), you’ll see my pic on there (dapper young man wearing a sports jacket & glasses)… πŸ˜‰

      • holy crap lol that was so long ago! Maybe I should change my picture haha
        okay I will try and add you now! I don’t often add people I don’t know, so be nice lol

      • sports jacket lol…. I would have said Suit but we can agree to disagree lol lol
        hopefully I added the right person! is there are a lot of Matt silver’s

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