Big Brother Canada 2 Spoilers: Week 2 Veto Competition Results

Power of Veto on Big Brother Canada

It was a crazy night of fights and drama in the Big Brother Canada house overnight and we’re getting caught up on everything that went down. Amid all that wild activity the Power of Veto competition was held and we now know who holds the power to veto out one of Andrew’s nominations. Read on for the spoilers.

Andrew is in luck this week because his ally Kenny snagged the PoV during last night’s competition.

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There was a lot of fighting going on last night which could shift Andrew’s plan to go after Paul, but we’ll keep watching to see what’s happening. The Veto ceremony should be held later today so we’ll know more soon.

Once the HGs get some rest and calm down from last night it’ll be interesting to see what decisions are made since Andrew and Kenny can easily work together to make the final nominations for this week’s eviction vote.

Who do you think Andrew should have up on the block for Thursday night?