Big Brother Canada 2: First Five Alliance Ponders Vote Flip

Sarah and Kenny plot the vote
Sarah and Kenny plot the vote on Big Brother Canada – Source: Slice

The next eviction vote for Big Brother Canada 2 arrives on Thursday and the final nominees are already set. The fun thing is that the house is split on which way that vote should go which leaves us with the potential for drama.

Read on for the latest spoilers on who is nominated or wait for the next episode to keep it a surprise.

Paul and Heather will be sitting in the center seats on Thursday’s show and one of them will go home now that the Veto events are done and gone.

The “girls side” wants to see Heather go home because… um… because they’re crazy I guess. Ika and the other ladies are talking about securing Heather’s eviction in one breath and then worrying about the guys teaming up to come after them in the next. It’s stupid, grade school behavior with them alienating and targeting Heather.

Over with the “guys side” they want Paul gone because he’s a wild card and previously targeted Andrew in his first week nominations. They want to make sure Adel is weakened especially knowing about this new power he’s won in the house.

Caught in the middle of these sides are the “First Five” alliance consisting of Arlie, Kenny, Sabrina, Andrew, and Sarah. This morning we’ve been watching Sarah float the idea of flipping her vote from the expected evict-Heather to evict-Paul since it’ll only take one vote, by their current counts.

Talking with Kenny Sarah said she was thinking about flipping but was worried she would be out’d when the votes came up one shy. Kenny said it was a risk, but agreed that Paul was more of a danger to their F5 alliance than Heather could possibly be, at least at this stage. Kenny said she could just deny it and blame another girl.

Sarah then pulled Arlie over to the hammock to have the same talk. Arlie told her the risk wasn’t worth it for Sarah to go against the other girls and vote out Paul. He said his game would be short term benefited by her voting out Paul, but the long term risk of Sarah being out’d and evicted for it would be too great.

So what’s going to happen on Thursday night with the next Big Brother Canada eviction? It’s tough to tell and things really do seem up in the air, but how much of these discussions are just for show? Let’s keep watching the Feeds to find out!

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