Big Brother Canada 2: Adel Unleashes Veto Power Move Lie

Yesterday on the Big Brother Canada Live Feeds we saw Adel practicing his speech for the “Canada’s Veto” special power. The funny thing is, this “power” is completely made up but will the house believe it?

Adel lies to Andrew on Big Brother Canada 2
Adel confronts Andrew on Big Brother Canada – Source: Slice

Quick background: Adel won the “most Buzzworthy” challenge and the special power that came with it. The special power is supposedly something that lets him play in an upcoming Veto competition which would help him avoid a backdoor play. Since that’s not terribly exciting he’s decided to inflate that a little and with no one to challenge him on it there’s no way to verify what Big Brother really told him about the power.

Adel had written something on the back of the card he was given when he won the prize (where did he get a pen?), so he had to peel off all the evidence from the card before he could flash it around the house. Here he is cleaning up the special power card and getting it ready.

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Earlier this morning Adel started to spread the story that he’s won a special power called “Canada’s Veto” and the house is lapping it up. Well, most of the house.

Speaking with Kenny, Adel said his power would let him Veto a nominee and name the replacement (Adel practiced that he’d claim he could name the renom, but he may not be reciting that part anymore) for the next two weeks. His threat was for them to leave him alone for two weeks or he’d use his power against them. Kenny then went and shared this news with Andrew.

Andrew pulled Adel aside in the bedroom and started giving him the whole “I think you’re a cool guy and I want to be your friend” talk. Adel explained the same details that he told Kenny and Andrew completely believed it.

When Andrew talked with Sabrina in the storage room she tried to warn him that Adel might be lying about aspects of the power (he is), but Andrew said that unless Adel “became a great actor” then he’s telling the truth. Nope.

Ika knows the truth about Adel’s power and helped him craft this story about it, but I don’t know if she’s told anyone else. It’s a really smart move (at the moment) for Adel, but we’ll have to wait and see what the side effects are for making up such a big lie. If anyone figures him out or Big Brother tells them more and outs Adel’s lie then he could be in big danger.

What do you think of Adel’s plan? Was it a good move in the game or are the risks too high?