Big Brother Canada 12: Will Donna Go Home This Week?

Big Brother Canada 12-Donna and Victoria

Victoria blindsided Donna this week. The devastation of the move would stop some players, but not Donna. She kicked into gear the moment she hit the block. Donna has been on an emotional rollercoaster this week. Sometimes she accepts the end of her game, but other times she thinks she might stay. However, she never stopped campaigning. Yesterday, Donna and Elijah began their full campaigns.

Elijah had the weaker campaign of the two but neither are winning any best campaign awards. Elijah focused on how Donna is a better player than him, so more dangerous. He also said he could be an ally for anyone as someone floating on an island alone. Donna focused on Elijah being too good of a pawn. Anyone will go home next to him

This is a Big Brother Canada house seemingly set on their decisions. Avery decided to keep Elijah and there seemed no way to sway her. Bayleigh is voting for Donna to stay. Kayla and Lexus haven’t shown their cards, but Donna believes she can get Kayla’s vote because of their friendship. Most likely, Lexus and Kayla will stick with the Hot Chocolate alliance and vote out Donna.

Big Brother Canada 12-Todd and Donna

Victoria knows that she won’t have to make another decision this week. Therefore, she’s been giving Donna false hope. She even told her that she would vote in her favor in case of a tie. Meanwhile, she’s telling Elijah he’s safe because of the Directors’ alliance. 

Bayleigh, Dinis, Todd, and maybe Vivek want to keep Donna. Dinis has even been trying to influence people to see the potential of keeping her. We don’t know what happened today in the Big Brother Canada 12 house, but it appears that Donna is leaving tonight. The Hot Chocolate alliance has no plans to keep her and even players such as Vivek and Todd are not guaranteed votes in her favor.

Tola and Matt also know that she pushed for their eviction this week. It seems likely the house will evict Donna by a 7-ish to  3 or 2 vote. Janine had the battle back hope, but it seems like she’s out of the game and back in the real world. Therefore, it looks like there is no pre-jury battle-back competition. So if Donna leaves, she is out of the game.

Do you think Donna will leave this Big Brother Canada 12 week?

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