Big Brother Canada 12 Spoilers: Week 3 Power of Veto Competition And Ceremony Results

This Big Brother Canada 12 week started with Vivek riding high with his first Head of Household win. An elevated game of musical chairs took him from the bottom to the top. Last week, Vivek almost went home. Dinis saved him with the Veto, and Victoria backdoored Donna. Ultimately, Victoria drove the save Vivek plan because she decided to evict Donna. However, it could not have happened without Dinis winning the Power of Veto and deciding to use it on Vivek.

Because of this major move, it appeared that Vivek and Dinis would develop an unbreakable bond in the game. They would become a tight duo. This should have meant that Vivek would never nominate Dinis for eviction.

Let’s dig into what happened at this week’s Power of Veto Competition and Ceremony. Warning: you’re in for a major shock. 

Dinis, Anthony, and Kayla were picked to play in the Veto along with nominees Bayleigh and Elijah.

BBCAN12 Week 3 Power of Veto Competition Results

  • Kayla won it.

BBCAN12 Week 3 Power of Veto Ceremony Results

  • Kayla used the Veto to save Bayleigh. Vivek named Dinis as the replacement nominee.

Your mouth is probably on the floor wondering how this all happened. Basically, Anthony, Victoria, and somewhat Kayla worked hard to convince Vivek that the whole house wanted Dinis out. By making this move, it improved his position in the game. It also ensured that they could work with him. Vivek saw this move as losing one ally but gaining many. 

Big Brother Canada 12 Spoilers-Dinis and Elijah on the block in week

After the Veto Ceremony, Dinis, rightfully, was pissed. He mentioned regretting saving Vivek last week (as he should). He also doesn’t think he has a chance to stay, so he plans to “burn the house down.” He wants to go out in a blaze. So we (hopefully) have some entertainment coming up as we head into the next eviction.

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