Big Brother Canada 12 Spoilers: Week 3 HOH Results

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The Big Brother Canada 12 Digital Dailies from Thursday focused on the events leading up to the eviction. It didn’t show what happened after it, including the Head of Household winner. This means we were in the dark until Friday morning. 

Thankfully, the Digital Dailies posted on March 22nd started with the reveal of the Head of Household winner. We now know who won and have a better picture of who will become the target for the week. Let’s get right into the BBCAN12 Head of Household spoilers.

BBCAN12 Week 3 Head of Household Results

  • Vivek won HOH!

Vivek went from the bottom of the house to now the Head of Household. He has also been on slop for the past two weeks. This win is big for him. Vivek is one of the smarter players in the house, in terms of understanding everyone’s position, but he’s one of the least liked. After his HOH reign, he should shoot back up to the top target spot. However, he should try to use this week to win over some allies.

Vivek and Bayleigh had a conflict last week. It would shock everyone if he didn’t nominate her. She’s already been spiraling about it. The pawn of the week remains a mystery. It won’t be Avery because she won safety this week, either in the HOH comp or another way. 

Vivek knows Anthony’s game. I think he would target him if he knew his hit would land. Unfortunately, Anthony has positioned himself well so far. Even if Vivek nominated or backdoored him, I am unsure it would work. Additionally, Vivek hasn’t won over enough houseguests to get them to do what he wants. He could show his targets too soon and make more of a major enemy with Anthony. 

However, I wouldn’t rule Anthony out as a backdoor potential. I don’t think Vivek will nominate him initially, but I can see that backdoor opening if available. For now, I predict Vivek will nominate Bayleigh and maybe KaylaElijah, or Lexus. He already let Todd, Tola, and Victoria know they’re safe, so he doesn’t have many options left, especially because of his friendship with Dinis and Matt.

Big Brother Canada 12-Vivek

Are you excited about Vivek’s HOH win? 

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