Big Brother Canada 12 Spoilers: Week 1 HOH Nominations

BBCAN10 LogoFirst, let me start by saying that these nominations are not 100 percent confirmed. By the end of the March 6 Digitial Dailies, no one had been nominated yet. However, this is where the current Head of Household Anthony is leaning. The first Big Brother Head of Household always presents some problems for the holder. They are in a tricky spot. Before a few Big Brother Canada (and US) seasons ago, having the first Head of Household was usually a good thing.

It allowed the HOH to limit the blood on their hands because they could use any excuse for nomination. People understand the stress and gravity of being the first one. The houseguests were a little more forgiving. Popular nomination reasons were  not talking enough to the HOH and placing last in the first competition. This granted the Big Brother Canada Head of Household the ability to lessen their target going into the next week.

However, the two North American Big Brothers have added complicated twists during the first week. Theese twists usually narrow the Head of Household’s options and almost guarantees that he or she will have a lot of blood on their hands by the end of the week. Anthony may be a victim of this pattern. His potential nominations have already hurt his game position. So who did Anthony nominate for eviction this Big Brother Canada 12 week? Read below to find out.

BBCAN11 Week 1 Nominations

  • Anthony nominated Janine and Avery.

Anthony chose transparency with his nominations. Therefore, he warned the women about his plans. He first discussed potential nominations with Victoria. He debated between Avery and Kayla as the pawns to Janine’s target. He claimed that he didn’t want to nominate a man (specifically Matt, Tola, and Todd as the only men on Victoria’s team). He worried that they would be voted out over Janine and he wanted Janine gone.

Therefore, he thought using Avery or Kayla as a pawn was the better choice because they’re more likable and wouldn’t be voted out over Janine. He eventually decided on Avery and told her his plan. Anthony wanted to assure her that he does want to work with her, especially to form their brown-person alliance with Victoria, Kayla, and maybe Lexus. Anthony later informs Janine that she’s going on the block.

He tells her that it’s because he specifically heard from three different people that he’s her target. He sourced one being the 12-person deal to take out the returning players first. The Digital Dailies ended before nominations, but it would surprise everyone if Anthony didn’t stay true to his nominations, especially since he told so many people.

Now, if Janine wins Veto, then things get interesting. If Avery wins, most likely Anthony will just nominate Kayla because he can still get out his target. If Janine wins, he must completely shift his focus.

The house wants Tola out. Anthony wants him to stay as a target above him. He sees him as a shield and probably as someone good at competitions who could help him go further. He also doesn’t seem to want Matt gone. It seems like he thinks Matt could be a new Adam or Dane for him. It also does seem like Anthony may want to form a men’s alliance and that could mean he takes out Kayla or Avery if Janine wins Veto.

Interesting and tricky week for Anthony.

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