Big Brother Canada 11 Spoilers: Week 9 HOH Nominations

Big Brother Canada 11-Arisa Cox

Big Brother Canada 11 left us with a big cliffhanger on Thursday’s episode. They left us in even more suspense on Tuesday by revealing, on the Digital Dailies, that someone would be evicted early this week. Instead of providing any sort of answers with the Big Brother Canada 11 new Digital Dailies the producers wanted to give us as little information as possible. They decided to not have a Digital Daily on Thursday and play only pre-eviction clips on Wednesday’s video. 

This lack of information ensures that viewers tune in for the final three Big Brother Canada 11 episodes. This is a good strategy to maybe get some more viewers for these final episodes, but it’s a terrible one if they want to keep loyal fans loyal. Because we had no information post-Renee’s eviction, we had to just speculate until we had some answers.

We now know who won the Head of Household and who he or she nominated. Per usual, the nominations in the final four don’t matter. The only thing that matters is who wins Head of Household and who wins the Power of Veto. The Power of Veto holds the most weight because the Veto holder decides all the important things, such as who goes on the Block and who casts the final vote to evict. 

On Thursday’s Big Brother episode, we saw Ty, Daniel, and Claudia begin the Head of Household Competition. Ty was ahead by one point after two questions of seven in a days-based trivia contest. This head start worked in his favor because he won the HOH.

Who did Ty nominate? Read below to find out

BBCAN11 Week 9 Nominations

  • Ty nominated Daniel C and Claudia.

These are not 100 percent confirmed but Claudia mentioned that Ty nominated her this week. Ty and Claudia also joked that they both tried to get the other out and it didn’t work. If he nominated Claudia that likely means that he didn’t nominate Daniel because he spoke about wanting him in the final three. It wouldn’t make since for Ty to nominate Daniel and not Anika as well. This week, nominations don’t matter, so we’ll really find out who is in danger after the Power of Veto Competition.

Update (5/9): The episode revealed that Ty actually nominated Daniel and not Anika.

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