Big Brother Canada 11 Spoilers: Week 7 HOH Nominations

Renee reassured Kuzie that she wouldn’t see the Block this week…at least not initially. This basically left Renee with only two options: Daniel and Anika. She wouldn’t betray her Girlie Pops, despite them speaking frequently about the possibility of evicting her. Ty was a guaranteed nominee for this Big Brother Canada 11 week. She just needed to figure out the second nominee.

Daniel was convinced he was going on the Block because Kuzie and Renee had a long conversation on Thursday night. Additionally, Renee took Anika to her Wendy’s date. This left Daniel as the odd man out. Daniel was right to have these fears because Renee was really considering putting him on the Block.

Her only hesitations were that she didn’t want to ruin Daniel’s record of not being nominated, and she thought Anika would take the nomination better. However, Renee was definitely leaning more toward nominating Daniel over Anika. Meanwhile, Daniel was considering just volunteering to go up as a nominee to guarantee that he played in the Veto and gave himself double chances to save himself from eviction.

Renee, Shanaya, and Claudia also agreed that either Daniel, Kuzie, or Ty would be leaving this week. They had no intention to vote out Anika.

So who did Renee end up nominating this Big Brother Canada 11 Week?

BBCAN11 Week 7 Nominations

  • Renee nominated Ty and Anika for eviction.

Renee must have wanted to play it safe by just nominating Anika with Ty, and leaving her with the option to take out Kuzie or Daniel this week if Ty wins the Veto.

Are you happy with Renee’s nominees?

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