Big Brother Canada 11 Spoilers: The Power of Veto Ceremony Plan

Big Brother Canada 11-Renee and Daniel

The Big Brother Canada 11 houseguests are quickly learning to not let a potential threat escape eviction. Now, they may be stuck with him until the very end. At the start of the Big Brother Canada 11 week, Renee continued the theme of trying to take out Ty. With only seven players left, a backdoor is nearly impossible. Therefore, you have to directly go after your targets.

Renee took the direct approach by nominating Ty, with Anika as a pawn next to him. She spared both Daniel and Kuzie from the Block, but now it seems like she’s about to be forced to end one of their games. As has been the pattern for the majority of the Big Brother Canada 11 game, Ty has won the Power of Veto.

He will be coming off the Block and Renee needs to pick between taking out Kuzie or Daniel this week. She has no plans of evicting Anika, and her Girlie Pops won’t either. Anika is becoming the easy person to beat in the game as the only person remaining yet to win a competition. The Girlie Pops would love to see Anika in the final three or at least the final four. Therefore, whoever takes Ty’s place is almost guaranteed eviction.

Claudia and Shanaya really want Kuzie to go out this week now that Ty is ineligible for eviction. They see Kuzie as a major game threat. They also like the idea of having the possibility of working with Daniel as they get closer to the end. 

Kuzie and Claudia on Big Brother Canada 11

Renee’s only issue with possibly nominating Kuzie over Daniel is that she’s worried about the backlash. She worried that Ty and Daniel may vote out Anika and then Shanaya and Claudia will vote out Kuzie. This forces her to break a tie. She doesn’t want to get all the blood on her hands for taking out Kuzie.

She’s also worried that Kuzie will arrive at the jury house and turn everyone against her. Therefore, if Renee does nominate Kuzie, she wants a guarantee that Kuzie leaves. She told Daniel this and he’s already told her that he would vote out Kuzie over Anika. Ty, however, wants Kuzie to stay.

He coached Kuzie on how to pitch Renee to stay off the Block. He told her to bring up that Daniel and Anika are a duo, and Shanaya and Claudia are a duo. This leaves Renee on the outside. If she keeps Kuzie, then she can become a duo with her. Ty even gave Kuzie permission to throw him under the bus about being her target if necessary. Kuzie also told him that she planned to throw Anika under the bus to stay. If she’s on the Block, she will definitely tell Renee that Anika has always wanted her out. 

Claudia also mentioned to Shanaya that Ty has been trying to subtly mention to Renee how close Daniel is with them, to help put a target on him to ensure Kuzie stays. 

Big Brother Canada 11-Ty and Kuzie

Renee told Daniel that she was leaning towards nominating Kuzie. Therefore, unless something drastic happens overnight, it’s very likely that Kuzie will go up as Ty’s replacement. She will have to say and do a lot to ensure she stays over Anika because right now, Anika has become that player that you’re likely going home over if you’re both on the Block.

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