Big Brother Canada 11 Spoilers: Week 2 HOH Nominations

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This week, the Big Brother Canada 11 Digital Dailies have given us not much (yet) to determine the current Head of Household’s plans. We assume that we’ll learn more about his target during the next episode of Big Brother Canada.

On Friday and Saturday’s Digital Dailies, many players worried that they could be Dan’s target. In fact, over half the Big Brother Canada 11 house felt uneasy with Dan as Head of Household.

Dan doesn’t seem like a major gamer, so that makes players worry that because he’s not talking game with them, they must be disposable to his game. Since we never really see Dan’s game conversations, we were also unaware of Dan’s nominations directions.

The only thing that we did know was that Hope volunteered to go on the Block. This means that he would likely be at least one of Dan’s nominees. The other one remained a mystery.

However, it’s not a mystery anymore as we now know Dan’s nominees for the week.  He also didn’t pick the easy solution of nominating Hope.

BBCAN11 Week 2 HOH Nominations

  • Dan nominated Renee and Hope.

It seems like Zach got his way, per usual, and influenced Dan to nominate Renee and Hope. Apparently, neither of them won the Power of Veto. Originally, I reported Rob was the nominee based on the talks, but according to Twitter, Hope was nominated instead of Rob. However, it’s apparently common knowledge that Zach will use the Veto on Hope and Rob will go on the Block. He is Zach’s target, but it’s unclear who the house will decide to keep.

How do you feel about these nominations?

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