Big Brother Canada 11 Episode 22 Recap: Family Members Drop By The Manor

Big Brother Canada 11-Anika and Kuzie

The current Head of Household Renee found herself searching for a pawn. Like last week, and what feels like every week since week 3, the house wanted Ty on the Block and out of the game. Renee knew that Ty would be one of her nominees. She just needed to find a second nominee to sit on the Block next to him. Renee has been the houseguest most loyal to the Girlie Pops. Therefore, the second nominee came down to one of the Shadiest Bunch. 

None of them wanted to end up on the Block this Big Brother Canada 11 week. Kuzie and Daniel were much more proactive with staying off the Block, and it worked out because Renee ultimately decided to nominate Anika

Tonight’s Big Brother Canada 11 episode will show if the Girlie Pops and The Shadiest Bunch can attempt an ambitious team-up to finally stop Ty from winning the Power of Veto. Then we’ll see how this week’s Power of Veto Ceremony played out. We’re in for an exciting night as we’re one night away from the Big Brother Canada 11 double eviction.

BBCAN11 Week 7 Nominations Fall-out

Anika is on the Block, but Daniel and Kuzie know that they’re in jeopardy if the Veto changes this week’s nominations. The Shadiest Bunch has also been extremely fractured after the events of this week.

The house agreed that they must all win to take out Ty. Daniel tried to pump himself up and the other houseguests up to win the Veto.

Renee then reassured Anika that she’s safe this week. Anika wanted Kuzie on the Block, and think she needs to go if Ty saves himself from the Block. Kuzie told Daniel that if Ty wins the Veto, they are a stronger three with him.

Hope told Kuzie that Anika told him that Daniel is her biggest ally. He also told her that Anika wants to let the bigger players take her out. She knows that that means Anika wants her out. Kuzie wants to win the Veto and save Ty and herself. She sees him as a better ally for her game than Anika at the moment.

Kuzie and Ty discuss voting out Anika if Kuzie and him make it off the Block. She tells him that she will use the Veto to save him. She says they’re going to war and willing to go against the house.

BBCAN11 Week 7 Power of Veto Competition

This week’s Power of Veto really is crucial because it can change whether the house finally gets Ty out or if the third The Crown member in a row joins the jury house.

The houseguests have to run through five sections to look for puzzle pieces. However, distractions will be show to make their time go up. The person to complete their puzzle in fastest time wins Veto.

The first room involves matching prices to items to win a free outfit. Shanaya takes this distraction. The second room has a letter from home, but she ignores it. The third room is a  bunch of puppies to play with, but she ignored them. The fourth room has $1,000 cash. She doesn’t take this temptation. The final room has her mother. She hugs her for a long time.

She cries and forgets it’s a timed competition. Eventually, she solves her puzzle. Kuzie bypasses every temptation but the one to get $1,000. She sees her cousin and hugs her quickly.

Like Shanaya, she struggles to find pieces at some point. Ty and Anika also struggle to find pieces. Ty sees his mother, gives her a hug, but then focuses on the competition. Anika sees her brother and she gets distracted but then comes back to finding the puzzle pieces.

Ty thinks he lost the competition, so regrets not spending more time with his mom. Daniel’s mom is in his temptation room.

5- Shanaya

4- Anika

3- Kuzie

2 – Daniel

1- Ty

Ty wins the Power of Veto. Daniel lost by 4 seconds.

They get to play with the puppies some attention. Daniel has some regrets in the competition. Kuzie then tells everyone that she took the $1,000. She realizes that she also only lost by a few seconds.

Kuzie talks to Renee right after the competition to get in her ear before everyone else. She knows either Daniel or her will be going on the Block and wants to try to save her game.

Renee knows the importance of jury management and worries about her having so much time in the jury house. However, Shanaya believes she can’t win against Kuzie, so she wants her out next. It will also allow Claudia and her to get closer to Anika and Daniel.

BBCAN11 Week 7 Power of Veto Ceremony

Will the nominations stay the same or change this week?

Both Kuzie and Daniel pitch to Renee before the Veto Ceremony.

Ty decides to use the Veto to save himself. Renee names Kuzie as his replacement.

Other Things

What none game shenanigans occurred this week?

  • The houseguests play Hide-N-Seek for fun.

Join us tomorrow to see the Big Brother Canada 11 double eviction. We’re in for a bloodbath as we go from seven to five in 60 minutes. Add us on Facebook, Twitter, and download our app for all things BBCAN11.