Big Brother Canada 11: Digital Dailies Highlights (03/20/23)

Big Brother Canada 11 Live Feeds (3/20/23)

Big Brother Canada 11 has taken an interesting turn. Most of Tuesday’s Digital Dailies focus on what happens now that the Power of Veto Ceremony took place. The answer is that it reenergizes the house to possibly make a move to overthrow the current king of the Big Brother Canada 11 house: Zach.

Zach has been running the game since entering the house. However, he hasn’t done it stealthily like some other Big Brother masterminds or wannabe masterminds. Everyone sees the strings he pulls. Now they just may be finally ready to stop allowing him to run the game.

Tuesday’s Digital Dailies have been one of the most exciting so far. Let’s dive into them.

Rob Starts His Campaign 

Big Brother Canada 11 Live Feeds (3/20/23)

Rob didn’t waste time after being blindsided with a nomination this week. Immediately, he goes to work on gaining votes. Smartly, he decides to start his campaign with the middle women and men, Kuzie, Anika, and Daniel. He knows that they will play a major role in whether he stays or goes this week.

Rob’s campaign basically involves him telling them that Zach is trying to control the house. They can either let him continue to do this or let Rob start the war against him. They were all receptive to his pitch. Then Zach arrives and stays around to stop any game talk.

Later, Zach calls out Rob for making him the subject of his campaign. He says if Rob wants to continue to make him his main focus then he will have to go harder to combat this narrative — basically meaning that he will work hard to get out Rob.

Rob also talks about being confused about how not wanting a romantic relationship with Shanaya has anything to do with why he’s on the Block. Zach argues that it shows how it’s being perceived because she was crying over him and then he went back to being flirty with her. There was also a big argument between Zach and Vanessa that isn’t shown on the Digital Dailies but may appear in the episodes.

Rob seemingly wasn’t involved but it is also used as a reason for his nomination. Rob also kept talking about how his paranoia is used against him. 

Jonathan, The Most Important Game Piece

Big Brother Canada 11 Live Feeds (3/20/23)

On Monday’s Digital Daily, it seemed as if Jonathan and Rob may have had an issue. However, that isn’t the case. Jonathan is someone very solidly on Rob’s side. He is upset that Rob is on the Block. He also started to campaign on his behalf, starting with Ty — who isn’t likely to change his mind about Rob’s eviction.

Jonathan warns Ty not to trust Zach because he sees how he’s lying and manipulating things to try to turn people against Rob. That’s not the type of game Jonathan wants to play. Jonathan even says that Rob has his vote no matter what, even if that means he goes next week.

Rob and Jonathan then talk and Rob vents to him about this situation. Jonathan gets his frustration and wants him to stay because he likes Rob but also doesn’t like how Zach plays the game. Jonathan thinks he can get Vanessa, Daniel, and possibly Hope to vote to keep Rob.

Big Brother Canada 11 Live Feeds (3/20/23)

Later, Jonathan also works on Kuzie and Anika. He gives them a big speech — which isn’t shown on the Digital Dailies — to try to get them to vote for Rob to stay. Prior to Jonathan’s talk, Anika and Kuzie are uncertain about what to do. They can see the benefits of keeping Rob, but they also worry about keeping a potential comp beast. 

Jonathan’s speech gets them on board to keep Rob. However, this is Monday’s Live Feeds, which means there are a lot of days for them to change their mind. This likely will be a week where the houseguests go back and forth on who to evict.

Jonathan isn’t the only one working to keep Rob. Santina also plans to help him. She tells him to try to call out Zach in front of people to help expose his manipulation. She also plans to have talks with Kuzie and Anika, which may be her plan to try to flip the vote.

Things aren’t looking terrible for Rob as he likely has Jonathan, Santina, and Vanessa’s votes secured. He just needs to secure Daniel, Anika, Kuzie, and possibly Hope’s vote to stay in the game. It’s not looking like an already determined week.

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