Big Brother Canada 11: Digital Dailies Highlights (03/19/23)

Big Brother Canada 11 Live Feeds (3/19/23)
Monday’s Big Brother Canada 11 Digital Dailies had a lot of information to give us to catch up with all the unseen Live Feeds from Friday to Sunday. We learned who Head of Household Dan nominated and the Power of Veto winner.

We also finally got some information on who may be the target for the week. Saturday’s Digital Dailies showed that Hope wanted to leave the game. He hoped that Dan would grant his request. He even promised Anika on Friday’s Digital Dailies that he would use the Veto on her if he won it.

Big Brother Canada 11 made us wait a long time today for basic crumbs. Unlike the usual morning Digital Dailies drops, the producers waited mid-afternoon to post the Digital Dailies of Sunday. These also gave us only a little over an hour of Big Brother Canada 11 content. Most of it wasn’t even vital information.

Hopefully, if Big Brother Canada decides to do them again next season, they sort things out better. Now that rant is over, let’s get into the important stuff from the Monday Digital Dailies.

Santina’s Worries And Regrets

Big Brother Canada 11 Live Feeds (3/19/23)

Santina seems to realize that she made a big mistake talking out John Michael last week. She also has come around to realizing the danger of Zach in the game. However, there may be nothing she can do about it at the moment. Santina seems worried that Zach may target her, because she talks a lot about how it would be a mistake to backdoor anyone again.

She also discusses with Jonathan not backdooring anyone in the game anymore. Santina and Ty have a game talk while playing pool. She tries to make him see the dangers of Zach having so much power, but, of course, Ty wasn’t really listening.

He seems determined to getting out Rob this week. He tries to argue that Rob is an emotional player and he doesn’t want to work with someone who can’t control their emotions in this game. He rather work with someone like Zach who is all about the game.

Ty also argues that they need to get Dan out next week. This weakens Zach a bit and allows them to take out another strong player not on their side. Santina says that she really wants to win the next HOH. Ty makes sure that she wants to win to take out Dan. Santina says yes, but I think she may want to make a move to get out Zach.

Rob Ends His Potential Showmance With Shanaya

Big Brother Canada 11 Live Feeds (3/19/23)

We don’t know what happened over the last few days but Ty and Zach have seemingly made Rob public enemy number one. Even his friends, such as Jonathan, discuss how hurt he feels by him because they are friends and Rob apparently orchestrated something that hurt Jonathan — it’s all very confusing. Santina seems to be the only one considering trying to keep Rob, which she shares with Kuzie. 

Ty also mentions that even Shanaya has some issues with Rob. Then we see Shanaya boldly telling Rob that she feels like he has been playing with her feelings for him. He apologizes if that’s how things seemed, but he lets her know that he isn’t interested in having anything romantic with her. He just wants to be her friend. Rob makes it clear that he’s not looking for a showmance. He also doesn’t want to fake something to stay in the game.

Shanaya breaks down with Claudia, Anika, and Renee. She feels hurt and embarrassed that she put herself out there and he wasn’t interested. The other women try to lift her spirit by saying someone even better looking outside the game will be all about her. They even bring up Dan’s crush on her and how she needs someone to worship her like that, and to not worry about Rob.

Big Brother Canada 11 Live Feeds (3/19/23)

Santina has the right attitude to want to keep Rob to go after Zach and Ty. However, it seems like the water is already poisoned against Rob. He also feels like he can’t trust anyone, so he may have a hard time fighting for his game life. Renee is also very solid with the women and the big men are solid together, so unless Santina can grab up some middle players like Daniel, Anika, Hope, and Kuzie, then there is very little chance Rob stays.

Additionally, if Rob leaves, Zach’s position and power just grows.

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