Big Brother Canada 10 Spoilers: The Houseguests Receive Calls All-Day

Marty on Big Brother Canada 10

This has been another chaotic Big Brother Canada 10 week. It started out interesting with current Head of Household Steven “Gino” Giannopoulos granting the house their biggest wish by nominating Kyle Moore. It was a move that many saw coming, and others found themselves once again clueless to the Head of Household’s plans. Kyle took his nomination well. Immediately, he began campaigning to stay over Jessica Gowling, but he knew his chances of staying in the Big Brother Canada 2022 game were basically at zero. He needed a Big Brother miracle, and feed watchers thought he might get it.

Once the initial shock of Kyle’s nomination under Gino’s Head of Household reign ended, Big Brother Canada threw them another curveball: the phone began to ring. The phone played a major role in the BBCAN10 premiere episode, as it kept Jay Northcott off the block. They got to the phone first and won safety for the week. The phone has otherwise remained a big mystery for the houseguests.

However, on Monday, it began to ring all throughout the day. Some of the calls were tasks, some were random pranks and some were just instructions. A few of the tasks include interpretative dance, slop commercials, players being handcuffed together, and one player having to remain silent for an hour. Live Feed watchers couldn’t hear what the houseguests were hearing on the phone, so we could only go by what they said, and whether they completed a task after.

By the end of the night, almost every player got a chance to answer the phone. We aren’t sure if this is going to play into this week’s HOH competition, or is it to win the houseguests’ food (since Have-Nots began this week), or if one or more houseguest has been granted a secret advantage. If I had to guess, I would bet on the latter being likely. One of the houseguests has probably won an advantage in the form of a secret power. We probably won’t see this task play out on the episode until Thursday’s eviction episode. We’ll then get more answers on what it could all mean. We also aren’t sure if this phone task will only be happening today in the BBCAN10 house or the phone will ring all week. Update: It was later revealed that this was a task to end the Have-Nots. They completed it and got off slop.

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