Big Brother Canada 10 Episode 4 Recap: Who Won The Power Of Veto in Week 2?

Big Brother Canada 10 (BBCAN10)-Jacey-Lynne and JayOn Monday’s Big Brother Canada 10 episode, we witnessed Martin “Marty” Frenette become the latest Head of Household.  Immediately, he expressed some concern about Stephen Paterson and Jay Northcott. He worried that they could take a strike at him if they became Head of Household in the future, but Marty made a deal with Stephanie to not put her on the block this week. He went all-in on trying to get Jay out of the game.

He also considered nominating Kevin Jacobs, but Kevin did a good job of getting that idea out of Marty’s head and putting a question mark on Jacey-Lynne Graham for Marty. This worried Steven “Gino” Giannopoulous, but he decided not to fight too hard for his future showmance.  Marty nominated Jay and Jacey-Lynne for eviction. Tonight’s Big Brother Canada 10 recap is all about the Power of Veto, and whether it could save Jay or Jacey-Lynne.

BBCAN10 Week 2 Nominations Fallout

It’s always hard to be one of the first heads of Households of any BBCAN season. It could leave lasting grudges. Marty needs to make sure he gets out his target and doesn’t offend who ends up staying in the game.

Jacey-Lynne decides to work on the houseguests where her relationships aren’t the strongest. That includes Kevin. Kevin talks about in the DR that he knows he’s playing a vanilla game (at the moment), so that means nominating him causes no waves. Haleena considers keeping Jay because they will always be a bigger target in front of her.

BBCAN10 Week 2 Power of Veto Competition

Jay needs this win more than Jacey-Lynne, but in the Big Brother Canada game, one should never get comfortable as a pawn or secondary target. Let’s see if either of them can win Veto and change their game fate for this week.

The wheel spin results in Haleena, Josh, and Betty being selected to play the Veto competition along with Jay and Jayce-Lynne.

For this competition, houseguest had to balance cake pieces, stake them, and then move them to different check points in the race. The first houseguest to get all their layered cake pieces staked and layered, and then to the finish line got the Veto.

Jacey-Lynne took an early lead but then dropped her pieces. While recovering, Jay caught up with her. It basically became a race between Jacey-Lynne and Jay.

Jayce-Lynne falls again. It’s a back and forth between Jay and Jayce-Lynne almost winning then losing their pieces.

It’s a frustrating competition that finally results in Jacey-Lynne getting in a rhythm.

Jayce-Lynne wins the Power of Veto!

Jay breaks down when alone with Josh. Josh tells them not to give up yet. Meanwhile, Jayce-Lynne  celebrates winning with Stephanie and Haleena.

Stephanie worries that Marty could nominate her. Jess tells Betty that she will tell her if she suspects that she could go up. Marty tells Jess that he may nominate Kevin. Jess tries to push for Marty to nominate Stephanie up and not Kevin.

Marty tells Kyle that he’s unsure if has the votes to get Jay out. Kyle suggests that Betty goes on the block because she has a way better chance to stay over Jay and then can’t vote for Jay.

Marty says if he’s worried that if Jay has the votes, he won’t nominate Kevin. Kevin then tries to also make Betty a nominee.

BBCAN10 Week 2 Power ofVeto Ceremony

Will Marty pull any surprises at this week’s Power of Veto Ceremony?

Marty shocks Betty and Jay when he decides to nominate Betty as Jacey-Lynne’s replacement. He fears that Betty could be a number to keep Jay, so wants to take away one of those numbers.

Jay and Betty are on the block!

We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see who ends up going home.

Random Notes

  • .Jess and Kevin talk about their secret alliance.

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