Big Brother Canada 10 Episode 3 Recap: Another Houseguest Takes Power

This Big Brother Canada 10 recap is all about what happened after Melina’s eviction. Melina went out after Jess saved herself from eviction by winning the first Power of Veto competition of the season. Viewers were left hanging as they had no clue who took over as HOH now that Hermon no longer possessed that title.

Big Brother Canada 10

Tonight’s Big Brother Canada 10 episode will not only show us who becomes HOH, but we’ll see who he/she/or they nominate and what leads to that nomination. Because this is only the third episode of Big Brother Canada, we’ll also learn some of the inner workings that we missed during the first week.

So sit back and enjoy a recap of an all-new BBCAN10 episode. We have a lot to explore with this episode.

We get a quick recap of Kevin choosing between the three doors. Hermon then discusses the Savage Seven. the Savage Seven.

BBCAN10 Week 2 HOH

With 15 players left, there is still a lot of game left to play, but who will take early power.

For this Head of Household competition, the contestants must balance their balls on a surfer board. If I houseguest loses focus and lose their ball, they are eliminated.  Betty and Moose are the first two players eliminated from the HoH. Followed by Haleena, Summer, and Kevin.

Soon they start dropping like flies, with Jess, Kyle, Marty, Stephanie, Tynesha, and Gino in the final six. Then Jess drops out, followed by Tynesha.

The final four are Marty, Kyle, Gino, and Stephanie. The final four all tell each other they’re safe. Marty said that he wants to see his family. Then Kyle goes out.

Gino goes out next. Leaving it to Marty and Stephanie. In the Diary Room, they both said that they’re unsure about where they stand with the other person.

Stephanie looses her rhythm.

Marty becomes the new Head of Household.

BBCAN10 Week 2 Nominations

Who Will this player nominate for eviction?

Marty reassures Stephanie that he will not put her up. However, he tells the DR that he doesn’t trust her but may be a man of his word, so he may have to go after someone close to her.

Initially, Kevin doesn’t trust Marty, but when him winning the HOH, he decides to be an ally to Marty. He points Marty’s target towards Jay and Jacey-Lynne. Jess also makes a passionate plea to stay off the block. Marty is receptive and says it doesn’t make sense for him to go after Jess.

Jay suspects that Marty may put them up. Marty then confirms it.

After a conversation with Marty, Gino decides to warn Jacey-Lynne that she will go on the block.

Marty nominates Jacey-Lynne and Jay for eviction.

Random Notes

  • Tynesha tries to play matchmaker between Stephanie and Gino.
  • Gino tells the Diary Room that he has a crush on Jacey-Lynne.
  • Marty takes Tynesha to his Wendy date. He also gets a video message from BBCAN1 winner Jillian. She gives him some game advice.

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