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Big Brother Canada Memory Wall - Week 3

Last night on Big Brother Canada the latest eviction was held along with a whirlwind “Power Shift” twist and a new Head of Household. Things definitely didn’t end up like we were expecting, but that’s all part of the fun, right?

In case you missed it, episode 8 is available here for your geography-restrictions free viewing pleasure.

Are you happy with Tom’s renom decision and the new HoH?


  1. I want to know if Big Brother is investigating Emmett cheating, he was clearly scene on the last HOH carrying a yellow ball in his left hand when the rules stated you couldn`t

  2. I wonder if suzette was repremended for her comment towards tom I’m pretty sure there’s no discrimnation in the house what about that. And I saw that thing with emmet but he picked it up and put it in the basket strapped to his leg.

  3. Doesn’t seem like Emmett is being DQ’d for cheating in last nights HoH. Guess they care less about integrity of the game than we do in the states, which is really saying something.

  4. I’d noticed the ball in Emmet’s hand this morning when I re-watched the video, and did try to report it via email. Not an easy task on this site. While it was nice to see my home town boy (well, close) win HOH, I think this is now a test of the producer’s integrity more than anything. It does appear in the video that Emmet was way ahead anyway, but then, how many carried balls did we miss seeing?
    Other players were verbally warned on air about carrying balls in hand, so it does seem only fair that there ought now be a rematch, with or without having Emmet disqualified.
    On another hand, a few of the hives got jammed up causing delays and making it impossible to have completed the task anyway. I saw Andrew spend quite a lot of time trying to fix his.

  5. That’s right Suzette shouldn’t have called Tom a redneck..insult to rednecks however she should have called him a Douche because Tom is the biggest douchebag I’ve seen in a very long time. He’s clearly in denial about our thoughts on the matter..parents should be proud of his behaviour….ps I like Emmet but he clearly cheated, and if I look closely I believe he also carried one of the finals alls and faked it coming out of his leg….bad form …..

  6. They should review the tapes/ Disqualify all those who carried the balls in their hands and award the HOH to the person who has the most balls who followed the rules. It would not be fair to replay and allow everyone to play again when there were some HG who did not care about the rules to be rewarded with the opportunity to play again.

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