Tonight On ‘Big Brother Canada 5’: Week 7 Power Of Veto

Tonight on Big Brother Canada 5 the Houseguests are back with the Power of Veto events as this week’s nominees, Kevin and Bruno, are hoping to win their way to safety. And don’t forget, there’s a Secret Veto out there in the mix that’s about to expire if it doesn’t get used.

Big Brother Canada 5 Space Odyssey

Less than a month left in the BBCAN5 season so it’s time to start ramping things up here and this Secret Veto is a big twist after things have been relatively calm this season. Tonight gets us one step closer to this week’s evicted Houseguest and the next round of our season’s power struggle.

Demetres bested Bruno and that narrow defeat has put Bruno’s game, along with his ally Kevin, on a crash course this week. Time to find out if the Veto competition could change that plan to get one of them out or if William will put his special Veto power in to play.

Can’t wait until tonight’s BBCAN5 episode? We’ve got your Veto spoilers along with details on who we’re expecting to be evicted by the week’s end. Find out the latest from the Big Brother Feeds and get ready for the next show on Global.

Join us back here tonight and we’ll chat about the show as it plays out. See you then!

BBCAN5, tonight on Global at 9/8c. Find out how to watch online from the US.


  1. it would be the best move to use the secret veto on Kev and pretend like he didn’t use it to save face with the others

  2. If Will really wanted to make a “game changing” move, he’d try and convince the guys to use his veto on Bruno to make sure Kevin goes for sure, then use his secret veto on Kevin so nobody knows. That’d force Demetres to put up two people in the middle and two of the people him and Ika have been stringing along in the votes every week. That’d really cause chaos among the house, especially if Dillion gets nominated. He’d flip out

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