Big Brother Canada 5 Week 7 Voting Plans

We’re down to six votes and the chance of a tie-breaker this week on Big Brother Canada 5. The final noms are set, but the decision might not be so final just yet for who will be the next to join the Jury.

Bruno and the Bear on BBCAN5

Sindy and Neda were the first two HGs shot out in to space to orbit the Odyssey ahead of next month’s finale. Now the house is trying to decide who will be the third.

After William’s Secret/Trash Veto was played to save Kevin we saw Demetres pick Karen for the renom and you can imagine how well that went over for her. She’s convinced she’ll be the one to go while Bruno seemed the more obvious target. Bruno has been hard at work though to make that a harder choice.

Ika and Demetres have been considering their options after Bruno talked with each about keeping him. Demika are trying to figure out what’s best for their game as they hope to reach the end with some allies to shield them from these later rounds when just a few votes is all it takes.

Ika is concerned that Dre is their only real ally, but from talks we’ve seen that may not be the case as Dre sounds ready to cut Ika and Demetres at the first chance, or at least she’ll support someone else doing the dirty work.

Would Bruno really stay loyal to Demetres and Ika? Ehh, maybe. He’s always going to be most loyal to Kevin but the last of the Vets could be a draw for him to Ika. Meanwhile Demetres may feel too threatened by Bruno as a competitor. Remember how close that HoH competition was?

As of now there’s no set choice for this week’s eviction, but it really might not even be up to Ika and Demetres. She’s just one vote and Demetres is only there for a tie-breaker. Put Ika’s vote with Kevin and you’ve got 2 of the 4 votes. Those other 4 votes are with Dillon, Dre, Jackie, and William. If they want Bruno gone then Demika’s debates are moot and Karen will be staying.

How would you vote this week on BBCAN5? Should Bruno be the one to go as something best for everyone’s game? That Jury is starting to fill up with Vets and that’d only leave two more in the house. We’ll keep watching and see where things lead this week.