Tonight On Big Brother Canada 4: Week 5 Power of Veto

Big Brother Canada 4 is back tonight on Global with the latest Power of Veto competition and ceremony results to set us up for Thursday’s next eviction.

Big Brother Canada 4 on Global
Big Brother Canada 4 – Source: Global

Tim has made his group effort nominations official with Dallas and Ramsey on the Block, but here comes the noms’ chance to escape possible eviction with tonight’s Veto comp.

Tim’s work is simple this week with the house votes in on who will be a renom should it come to that so now he just has to sit back and wait to see what happens next. Meanwhile Dallas and Ramsey are set to scramble for a win in this week’s PoV comp when it airs tonight on Global at 9PM ET/PT.

Of course things in the BBCAN4 episodes are far behind current events on the Feeds. If you can’t wait for the latest then jump over to our Spoilers page for results from the Veto comp and ceremony to get you ready for the next vote.

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  1. Anybody notice these black patch Dallas has ? I counted 4 so far. You think they might be hiding some offensive tattoo ?

    • Are you saying guys shouldn’t cry?
      Not that I agree or disagree with you but what is it to you if he shows emotion?
      I’m curious as to why you wouldn’t bring up Mitch’s crying & missing his boyfriend on his birthday?
      Just wondering where your thinking is on this?

      • It’s more of Ramsey being a bit too dramatic over getting nominated. I know becoming a nominee can sting but I don’t think it’s worth crying about over something that doesn’t spell the end of the world.

        Homesickness, however, is much more understandable.

        • Ya I think he was probably taking it personally & I don’t blame him. I would be crushed if I was a good guy & then voted out.
          But he’s safe for now…. To bad Maddie isn’t…. Muah haha!

  2. They could have undermine Tim when the house had a chance to skew the votes in their favor. But they didn’t.


    • He worried about that too and wanted to surprise them with the idea, but then he let them know in advance and they still couldn’t manage to twist the system against him. Yep, bunch of knuckleheads.

  3. Tim nailed it that air Dallas has like he’s always trying to intimidate someone or I describe it has he thinks he can bully people into doing what he wants

  4. Terrible sport Dallas if he doesn’t win he has a temper tantrum and when he wins he rubs it in everyone’s face

    • That would be hard!
      I think being in a house with people you like, dislike or have issues with would be extremely hard!

    • I guess he learnt a lot on BBAU? Second time around? But he also won his game, right?
      But then how come Nikki has no game? Or does she? Hmmm? Lololol

    • Yep. Won’t be a vote from us. My guess is the HGs will have to choose who come back. It would be fitting.

    • Just read (by Hamsterwatch) that they are shutting down the feed of the secret suite at 8H30 tomorrow morning. Maybe a hint they will have a comp ?

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