Tonight On Big Brother Canada 4: HoH & Nominations In Week 6

Tonight on Big Brother Canada 4 we’ll find out what was so critical that Global took down the Feeds for three days. Either Kelsey or Loveita will return to the game and it’ll be up to the HGs. All that before a new HoH is crowned and nominations are named.

Big Brother Canada 4 on Global
Big Brother Canada 4 – Source: Global

On Thursday we left off with a 90-minute episode that managed to only deliver half the news of a regular hour Thursday show despite 50% more time. Yeah, it was a filler fluff bore, but tonight will have to race through a lot more.

The show starts at 7/6c and we’ll find out who the house decided should be brought back in to the game. Jared and Raul are still there so will the HGs want to reunite the Third Wheel alliance? Can anyone suffer through Loveita’s 25 hours a day of game talk and paranoia? Tough choices, but I’m hoping we get Loveita back in the game.

Join us back here tonight at 7PM ET for a live chat about the show and we’ll enjoy it together. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email Updates for even more Big Brother Canada coverage.


  1. If Loveita comes back in the game I’ll watch it again, she’s bound to stir things up (I hope). I’ve watched BB U.S and Can. from day one and this is the first season I’ve stopped watching.

    • Why did you stop watching?? I am surprised you didn’t stop watching Big Brother US last season with Vanessa.
      I know Vanessa through poker and Friends so I defended her personality a lot and was brutally attacked by some not so nice people! But I can admit it was crazy she lasted as long as she did. I think production played a big hand in that. I think they lost a lot of viewers last season, so I’m just surprised he stuck around for that one. Unless you like the NASA which I highly doubt LOL
      Honestly I think Kelsey coming back would be just as exciting……. I think with all her knowledge now she will play a different game. I still think she will stay close to Jared and Raul but I think she will be open to a lot more now. You know what I mean? Knowledge is power and I think Kelsey would just be so much more entertaining. Loveita will be the same as she was before but with more power so she will just be 24/7 talking game like she was before but this time she will be more powerful…. so more annoying LOL but who knows, your guess is as good as mine!

  2. Is tonight’s episode only an hour? I think it is. Stupid! Why make last Thursday 90 minutes and tonight’s 60 minutes? Tonight we’ll find out who went back in the house and hopefully because we didn’t get to see it on the live feeds, they will share a lot ……a lot of the conversations debating on who should come back in! But sadly we will never ever know exactly everything that happened over the last few days! They cannot get it all in on tonight’s episode, impossible! So that really sucks! Plus they have to include the HOH competition and nominations. All in 60 minutes! Stupid in my opinion. Should have been 90 minutes…. I just honestly hate as a “superfan” not knowing exactly who said what to whom about which girl should come back in and what exactly was said and how they eventually came back with a final decision. It’s a huge huge game changer. One none of us will ever know-how transpired fully.

      • Hopefully! Cuz the only thing good about this stupid twist is another person against Maddie but she doesn’t look like a Target any more!, at least not right now!? So as far as I’m concerned this just totally screwed the person who would have probably won BBCAN4..

      • Haiti, help me out here! Earlier tonight I was trying to get onto Big Brother Network with no avail. System error or something like that and I made 2 comments a few hours ago and they are not showing up and then I just made another one asking what was up and that one is missing lol I’m confused! Can you see them? The last update I have is just about Mitch going home, is there another update about Maddie 🙁 winning HOH 🙁 because I can’t see it! And I would think it would be up by now!?! So I don’t know if for some reason I’m not connecting or what’s going on. Can you take a look and see if you can see my posts? And let me know if there is more info up and I just can’t see it? Maybe Matt? Got sick of me talking so much and gave me the boot LOL LOL

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