Big Brother Canada 2: Who Was Voted Out? Week 8.5 Eviction Show Results

Tonight on Big Brother Canada the next HouseGuest will be evicted with just a few weeks left to go in the 2014 season. We’ll find out who is sent to Jury and who becomes the next Head of Household.

Arisa Cox hosts Big Brother Canada 2014
Arisa Cox hosts Big Brother Canada 2014 – Source: Slice

We’ll be updating this post here with the live broadcast (the show isn’t live) as the official Big Brother Canada results come in so stick with us tonight starting at 9PM ET.

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Who Was Voted Off Big Brother Canada Tonight:

  • Neda votes to evict Rachelle
  • Heather votes to evict Rachelle
  • That’s enough votes.
  • Jon votes to evict Rachelle

By a vote of 3-0, Rachelle has been evicted from the Big Brother house.

Well at this rate I guess we won’t see the HoH comp tonight. We’re almost out of time on the show. Could the rumors be true that we’ll have an endurance comp? If so, we will not be able to watch it on the Live Feeds and will have to wait for them to return to get the results.

Who Won Head of Household tonight – ‘On The Ropes’:

HGs are tied to a rope that’s twisted and turned across an obstacle course. First to get to the other end and free themselves will win HoH. This will not finish before the show ends so we’ll keep watching the Feeds when they return to find out who won.

Update: We have the spoilers from tonight’s HoH comp here! Find out who won.

Are you happy with how tonight’s eviction? Who do you hope to see nominated next? Those results show be coming up by Saturday morning so stick with us for updates!


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  2. No spoilers have leaked on Twitter tonight. But there’s a small leak that we will have an endurance comp for HOH tonight. So we’re in for a long evening.

  3. Adel: “There can’t always be a hundred people. There were three people in there.” Lol. Love Adel! He’s friction’ hilarious!

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