Big Brother Canada Week 5: HGs Prepare For Eviction

We’re nearly through the “Dead Man Walking” stretch of the week on Big Brother Canada. The nominations are locked for Thursday. The HGs know who they want out. We know who’s leaving. The only thing left to do is await the inevitable. Want to know just what’s going to happen at the next eviction? Then read on for the latest of what’s going on in the house.

Suzette Amaya on Big Brother CanadaSince this weekend it was pretty clear who would be nominated and who would be the main target. Once we cleared the Veto competition it became all that much more obvious. This week we’re going to see Suzette walk out the door.

The HGs have been clear about it and apparently Emmett even twisted the knife a little during Monday’s Veto ceremony when, according to Suzette, he made the decision personal. We’ll see on Wednesday’s show just what he said.

Of course anything is possible on Big Brother Canada, but if the eviction were held tonight then AJ would be safe, again, and Suzette would join Arisa on the couch.

Do you think the HGs are making the right choice? I’m a little surprised by these nominations altogether considering some alternate choices, but this week is all about a feel-good group decision.


  1. Terrible decision for Suzette to leave. The Gary fans who watch live feeds know this. I wish there was some way that Topaz & Gary could manipulate the house to get AJ out, but they are comfortable and not foreseeing the impending doom that lays ahead. Suzette would definitely stick to Topaz & Gary all the way. Talla and now Alec, will back-stab both Gary & Topaz the first opportunity they get. However, Alec is not wanting to get blood on his hands, so Talla is worth keeping, so she could do his dirty work. I wish there was a twist of twists this week….!

  2. There is a new twist this week I think and the twist is a dubble hoh so suzette could be saved again who it might be a roumer though

    • when new trist today? i am mad garry does not want peter and emmet out as that would be a great choice for him and really cause action in the house.I would do that if i was him.Even though emmet or peter would probably be saved in veto i would put alec on the block with emmet or peter and then let the house decide who leaves.See that is the big alliance and if it gets broken it will help garry and topaz alot and especially if sizete stayed.

      • I know getting any of those people out would be really huge for garry.I would want peter out butt he is a great talker and would probably be able to stay.if emmet or alec were on block with peter i know emmet or alec would be voted out.If it was emmet or alec i believe alec would be voted out as emmet as alot of friends and is liked alot.Peter is like a cochroach so voting him out will be sooo hard

  3. why do they even keep AJ the guy isnt even playing the game at all. or is that why these guys are keeping him in there, a good pawn i suppose. i hope Suzette doesnt walk out the door.

  4. Most of HG’s that were put on the block seems to just lay there and die. On “After Dark” they all act like they’re on vacation. These group needs a major endurance competition like water boarding or slop until the end of the season. Maybe they’ll start playing the game. No wonder the Production wants to throw in some more twist, because nothing is really happening that will excite the viewer….im still hoping the game will change.

  5. This is the most boring big brother show I have ever watched! All these people talk about is either production of this show or the American one. It’s as though they are all friends and decide as a group on who’s next to leave. How freakin lame! In addition, how stupid is it that they keep all these couples together, their asses should have been voted out immediately. To sum it up, this show sucks! No entertainment whatsoever.

        • Then why come to a fan site just to complain? I mean it’s for fans of the show to talk about what they think gonna happen next not oh this show sucks let’s go to te place were people who enjoy the show want to talk about it.

          • Are you new to Big Brother Network? Dolce2322 is only stating his or her take on BB Canada Season 1, Positive or maybe negative to you. Honestly her comment is very tame if you were on this site during BB 14/US.

        • Haha I think it’s hilarious that someone else is responding for me on shar & Dusty’s ignorant comments. Thanks for that! I’m the real dolce2322. And to answer you, I am a fan of big brother as I’ve watched many of them in different counties & therefore as a fan it’s my right to express my opinion on the Canadian version & it’s not that entertaining so I’m no longer watching it! So how’s that for yah?

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