Big Brother Canada: Week 3 Nomination Anticipation

Tom on Big Brother Canada

With every new HoH comes a new round of nominations for Big Brother Canada and after last night’s competition where Tom took home the big prize in the easily manipulated Majority Rules we’re ready to predict his noms.

Of course there’s not much guesswork involved with the HoH explicitly states his intentions on the Live Feeds, but in case you missed the discussions we’ve got those spoilers for you here. If you want to remain surprised by Sunday’s Big Brother Canada episode then stop reading now.

The house is heavily split in one direction with the most houseguests taking Tom’s side, at least for this week, and are ready to join him in targeting Suzette and Gary. Those two should definitely be nominated this week unless something crazy happens between now and then.

Suzette on Big Brother Canada

Tom had contemplated nominating Suzette and Aneal with the plan to backdoor Gary, but he was nervous that Gary could win the Veto and save Suzette then neither could be on the block and Tom would fail at getting one of them out this round. With that in mind he’s going to nominate both of them at the same time.

The main target seems to be Suzette but that’s wavering and Gary could be the next evicted houseguest if he’s not careful.

Update: The more I hear the more I think Gary is the real target…

What do you think of Tom’s nomination plans for Big Brother Canada this week?


  1. I agree with the possible nominations. Suzette is a floater and Gary is so annoying. I hope one of them leaves the house this week.

    • i totally agree, perhaps they should nominate gary and someone other than suzette, then if gary wins veto they can put suzette up in his place, if he doesn’t win veto… bye bye to the most annoying BB player in history.

  2. If I were Tom, I would put up Suzzette and AJ. They are both weak so the chances of Tom winning POV is safe and then replace AJ with Gary and vote Gary out. But I like Gary for the entertainment factor and could do without Suzette so perhaps Suzette and Gary.

  3. I like that strategy nominate Suzette and AJ but what if by chance Gary ends up playing in the veto competition and wins he will take Suzette of the block then Tom is screwed.

  4. Without Gary the house is a snooze fest, besides Talla flipping out all the time there’s only people sucking face which doesn’t make for good tv/live feeds. IMO Tom needs to to go after this week.No one likes him anyway except for Emmet lol. So hopefully Suzette gets evicted this week if I had to choose between her and Gary. Everyone likes Gary even Sneak, their all just playing Tom he’s just to self absorbed to notice. Haha

    • Gary is so funny! I agree they need to keep him for entertainment for us, but living with him might not be so easy. Hope he stays a while longer. He makes me laugh. I actually forget Suzette was even there until I say her in the fashion show and then I remembered her. She is definately a forgetable person and doesn’t bring anything to the house.She is lying very low and a floater……………….

    • Gary is by far the most interesting to watch and on the other end I find Emmett to be a total snore bore. I can’t believe how fast some of these showmances happened and I find it a bit much how some of these people are draped all over each other after knowing someone for a hot minute. They say showmances bring ratings but I would much rather watch people manipulate each other and fight Ha Ha

  5. Is Tom a closeted gay? He’s been targeting the openly gay Gary since day one. His fashion sense is always so pulled together and he seems very metro-sexual. Also, he wants NOTHING to do with the women it seems, and is completely in this “bro-mance” with Emmet while working a boy’s alliance…it really isn’t important whether he is or is not, but he does strike me as being very gay.

    • I disagree I feel like gary is WAYYYY too out there.. i cant even listen to him talk wout being annoying Tom is just too manly and cant handle gary

  6. This weeks pretty straight forward til POV. If either does happen to win the replacement is most likely Aneal. Could get a split vote rather than a landslide. ie Aneal might get evicted instead of Suzane if Gary wins POV. Any other noms initially other than Suzette and Gary would surprise me greatly.

  7. This is more of a teenage version of BB compared to the states. The only one close to ruthless is Tom and he’ll get backdoored. quatro will be blown apart by the showmances . They are going after Suzette because she is old and fat, basically it’s mean. They are going after Gary because the gayness and his openness. When Gary and Suzette are gone they will turn on each other and hopefully it will compare to the States, then again they are just starting, the arguing and hatred isn’t here. I dunno unless the Americans never take Sh*t from anyone and we are to laid back.

    • have to agree with you there Ed’n’chf… BB canada house seems to have been filled up with too many immature 20 somethings… the casting people should all be sacked to ensure next season is filled with a real variety of people of different ages and backgrounds… this season seems to be filled with either gays, whiners or wall flowers…. BORING>>>

  8. If Gary goes, I’m not interested in watching anymore since he has more personality in his baby finger compared to any cast member in that house. Gary brings comedy, breaths life and knows how to work the dynamics between the guys and the girls. Pretty sure if the network is remotely interested in its ratings Gary most definitely should stay ! Send Tom home and anyone else who plays it safe as a strategy rather than contributing to entertaining the audience and ultimately benefiting the producers.

  9. A few observations from a long time BB viewer.
    I see several folks commenting about the “snooze fest” nature of the show so far except for Gary. Less drama for sure but it’s style of play and numbers. Nothing close to a split vote yet.
    So far it’s sharks praying on weak seals. A great white needent explode 30 feet into the air to devour sick, injured prey. 🙂 The fun will begin by the time 10 are left. A couple of these folks seem to actually understand elements of the game. Quautro simply deciding wheher to take Jillian to the jury for starters. And whether Emmit would go along with it. Then there’s Liza and her strategic play. After Suzette, Gary and Aneal go perhaps AJ and Andrew stay awhile and become swing votes for Talla, Jillian and Liza’s departure… Or do they vote with the girls and Tom exits early.
    The play will happen it’s just taking awhile to get reved up.
    Plus there is no garuntee the next 3 I mentioned above will depart over the next 3 weeks.
    Lastly regaurding Tom’s departure don’t bet on it happening in the near future. Only Liza would have the forthought to vote him out sooner rather than later. Plus to start with it is highly unlikely AJ or Andrew make this move now. That’s 6 guys, any of which wins HOH, and Tom stays. Not likely Jillian noms him and Liza only if she can count the votes. Best chance for Tom’s departure is Gary winning HOH and Tom ends up against someone like Emmit and no veto. The senarios are pretty slim for now IMHO.

  10. I want to know who seen the answers everybody had in the HOH comp.Suzette says she had to look down because BB.NEVER COVERED THE WINDOWS.She could see the answers reflected.I don’t trust Tom.

  11. I am disappointed in the selection of people chosen to
    represent Canada. It is a shame that the creators could not have chosen more
    people that actually want to be on the show, rather than people that are there
    just for exposure. Hopefully Gary will go next week, to be followed by Suzette
    and Talla. Lets be honest will Talla even know she has been evicted? Does she
    really know she is even there? I was addicted to the American version of Big
    Brother. I just wanted to say thank you to the creators of Big Brother Canada
    for helping me to kick the habit with Big Brother Canada. I am hoping it gets
    better, but with the cast that was chosen it doesn’t look good.

  12. The sooner Gary is gone the better. He seems kinda weird to me, but then what do I know? Is he one of those gays? I’ve never met one personally and he acts kind of like a girl. He’s a bit of a crying whiner too. You have to be emotionally very strong to survive in the BB house and I don’t think either Gary or Suzette is cut out for it.

    • Oh, I think you’ve likely met a few from time to time. Not all all gays are effeminite. Most are the guy next door.
      Back to Gary; when I first saw him I said “That’s got to go”, but now after watching the feeds for a couple of weeks I see he’s really the only life in the house. You go girl!!

  13. Thank GOD Gary is the next to go, can we please have a gay guy that ISN’T a completely self absorbed whinner? He reinforces every negative gay sterotype and people here love it? LOL really? He’s only here for “exposure” his own words. He and his idiots cronies were more interested in selfishly grabbing liquor and partying than….winning the money. LOL And you people here are crying for Gary? Glorify the selfish drunk lil boy who’s too stupid to get outta his own way?
    Again, thank god people like that are being singled out and eliminated from the house.
    Dont like it? Dont watch, you won’t be missed it the least

  14. Like in the US BB, also in Canada they first want to get rid of blacks and gays. Very elegant (not)!

    For 14 season of BB in America never a black person was in contention to win, so I guess we shouldn’t be surprised to see so many Canadians rooting for a black guy to be evicted from their first BB.

    • Gary is far more flamboyant and flaming than he is black.. don’t paint the race card. Honestly Miodio… The cast has east indians, natives, blacks & caucasians. You are speaking illogically.

      • Since when the flamboyance is a determining criterion for evicting someone from the BB house?

        I am just stating the facts: in 14 season of this format of BB in the US NEVER a black person was even in contention to win. In Canada, last week Aneal and Gary were nominated, this week Suzette and Gary on the chopping block, with AJ and Aneal next on the line. And if you follow the show, you know that the main clan [a horrible word!] plan to throw Topaz under a bus after the above 4 are evicted. Why? Because Liza-the-snake is a better person, more clever, more friendly, a better “player”?

    • I think you mean black MALE. Danielle made it to the final 2, thus making your argument irrelevant. Also, seeing that Gary ultimately made the final 2, it makes your points moot.

  15. Its definitely interesting on this version Cdn of BB, and I was super stoked about it too, but I must say there are some really neat things they do diff and some other things I was like, what were they thinking? Case in pt, I love the new way they take names (glowing card) out of the wall when they’re nominated, diff from lugging that big whole circular object…I also am not too keen on Arissa as a host for this type of show..I mean she just doesn’t bring the drama ya know? And neither does the music lol…bu they its the first season a work in progress!

    • no way tom and emmet needs to stay.. tom is trying to win for his mom.. but jillian can go home anytime

  16. i think suzette peter and gary needs to go!! .. i dont like peter and suzette but i dont mind gary but he want tom out so he needs to go

  17. Honestly, I think Gary is the most fake, annoying person I’ve ever seen on tv. I really wish Tom had just kept him on the block

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