Big Brother Canada Twist: Power Shift Delivers Second Veto

Big Brother Canada Power Shift Twist

We knew something was coming, but we didn’t know it’d be this. Last night on Big Brother Canada a new twist was introduced to Week 3 in the house and it could disrupt everything.

“Power Shift” is the twist and it allows viewers to vote to save one of the two nominees, Suzette and AJ, from eviction during Thursday’s results show. As a nice change of pace the voting, done here on Slice’s website, is not restricted to Canada, so feel free to vote away, viewers from the US and beyond.

What we understand will happen is that the winner of this public voting will be removed from the block as part of the Power Shift twist and Tom, the current HoH, will be forced to name a new nominee. No word on if he’ll be able to re-renom Gary who escaped danger during this week’s Veto Ceremony by Tom’s own choosing.

Who is more popular with the public? Suzette or AJ? I can’t imagine either are chart toppers, but obviously one is going to be able to edge out the other and come down off the block.

This twist makes tonight’s Big Brother Canada eviction very tricky to predict since there are a lot of potential combinations depending on who comes down and then who Tom names as the renom.

Who are you voting to save from eviction? Suzette or AJ? Who do you hope Tom puts up as a replacement nominee during tonight’s show?


  1. I am not happy with this extra veto this week. It makes things interesting but I don’t want to lose one of my favorites, none being Suzette or AJ. It would have been a great addition if Jillian or Gary were up.

  2. Can someone tell me if the voters take AJ off the block, can Tom put Gary back up or he is ammune because he holds the veto that Tom gave him. I just hope Suzette doesn’t come off That would be awful. This is getting good!!!

  3. This is interesting for sure..but I’m actually TERRIFIED that we’re going to save Suzette to punish Tom and I think not only that Suzette is more annoying and AJ’s aloof-ness is more entertaining, fear that Tom will replace with Andrew. Andrew’s not my favourite for sure, but I feel he still has yet to make his mark on the game and I was very much looking forward to Quatro cutting Tom and hiring Andrew.. 🙁 PLEASE SAVE AJ!!!!!

  4. I used all my points to save Suzette! She’s not my favorite player in the house but Tom NEEDS to go and this can only be done if Suzette stays to push him over the edge! Save Suzette!

  5. I really hope Suzette is saved. I like her and think that she drew a bad card. I realize that she did kind of dig her own grave, but she is the least socially compatible person in the house. So I feel bad.

  6. For certain, Tom cannot nominate Gary again the same week he took him off the block. That would be a huge waste of a hard-earned Veto power if he did.

    If and only if Suzette’s nomination gets nullified by the public vote, Tom is certain to have a problem finding her replacement, with almost every one else in the house aligned with his own alliance.

    His only options would probably be Aneal and Andrew.

    • Well Andrew is a mess. That nom means the other will likely vote with the girls plus Gary. In essence Peter, Alec, Emmit and Tom all get evicted and the BB season is over. The producers have absolutely ruined the season. They are so focused on saving the girls they have lost complete sight on the games integrity. Suzette goes off the block the season is finished.
      I should also mention the loser is not Tom who likely wasn’t making the Jury any way. The loser is AJ or likely Andrew. Suzette”s a bigot whose floated with vile comments and vicious comments about others behind thier backs..

  7. this is just another example of the game being completely scripted by production, they will not care who gets how many votes, they will keep suzette the floater, who has zero chance of winning a real game, there are obviously no real “rules” in the BB house if this type of interference is allowed… there is also no accountability or verification process in place to assure that BB production will accept the real tally of votes… this just sucks and makes the game a farce.

  8. I think it would be good if suzette stays… if someone like AJ, goes – however i fear that with her being saved, Tom is going to feel thrown and put up another targert… meaning Gary – and then he might go home… i would much rather want Suzette gone over gary because he is a stronger player and can actually get tom out of the house.

  9. I agree with the comment the producers script the show as it plays out. To announce the voters can veto a nominee 24 hours before the eviction, probably was because the producers didnt like the way the week played out. Suzette didnt deserve to stay with her constant redneck comment. We all know profanity is used and more widely accepted, but what if Tom had called her a fat effer…would that have been tolerated by the viewers. If Canada viewers are going to have a role to play in the game, it should be earlier in the week, and not 18 hours before.

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