Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Who Won HoH Last Night? 4/22/2015

Can’t wait until Sunday to find out who won Head of Household last night on Big Brother Canada 3? We’ve got your spoiler results right here thanks to the Live Feeds revealing all the details.

Arisa Cox in the Big Brother Canada 3 house
Arisa Cox in the Big Brother Canada 3 house – Source: Global

We just watched an exciting blindside eviction but were left with a cliffhanger on the Head of Household results. This was a critical battle with the power in the house ripe for the picking.

So who won HoH? Read on for your Big Brother Canada 3 spoilers

Pilar is the new Head of Household. Congrats to Pili.

We’ll have to wait and see how it all played out, but the losing side can in part thank Bobby for eliminating Sindy like an idiot. What a dumb move that was.

This should swing power back away from the “rebels” who rallied to evict Jordan in a surprise vote. Now the blindsided allies will again have control this week.

If you were the new BBCAN3 HoH, who would you want up on the nomination block?


  1. *sighs*
    As long as Bruno, Bobby, Sarah, Brittnee, Sindy, and Godfrey stick together they can control the votes. But most likely 2 of them are going up.

    • unless Kevin and Zach don’t figure out the split… chop shop might still think they are together. and bruno and bobby could flip back easily… it’s gonna be a good week either way, and it all depends on what Kevin decides

    • Its going to be interesting if she can make a decision on her own….I predict she will stand there and giggle. lol. But if she was smart…they got to keep chopping at the chop shop. Unfortunately you have to admit, they are the power players. If anyone else in the house thinks they will win against any of those members…they are sadly mistaken.

      • She is definitely not going to make a decision on her own. it’s a matter of who can make up her mind…Kevin or the girls.

        • I think at the end of the day she will listen to Kevin the most since she has put all her trust in him

  2. No! How in the world did pilar win hoh! So unhappy all the work that was done this week will be for nothing 🙁

    • No, not is all lost…we will see if the power shift continues from one side of the house to the other. Someone has to flip flop to save themselves if they want to stay.

      • Yeah I mean if Kevin gets in her head to put up two strong members of the Chop Shop like Bobby and Zach or Bobby and Godfrey with the hopes of backdooring Zach then it might be a good week after all

  3. Bobby you are a freaking idiot. Are you really that dumb and bang your head rock climbing so much?? You shouldn’t play bb Canada. Maybe a new show Canada’s dumbest person?? Think you would win

    • A total freaking idiot. She just explained the rules of the game to you and you don’t prepare yourself on who your going to choose in the event that you win….you look around and just pick at random. R you playing the game or just taking up space….you moron.

  4. I have never seen so much fake acting from a bunch of contestants in any big brother show. There is more acting this season than last season. It is embarrassing to watch the diary room comments. The producers need to stop telling the contestants how to act on camera because nobody acts like this in the real world.

  5. Why is everyone acting? Every time they are in the diary room it looks like they are reading from a script the producers gave them. No one acts like this in real life. I have seen more acting from this season than any other big brother show.

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