Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Week 8.5 Veto Ceremony Results

Power of Veto on Big Brother Canada

The latest Big Brother Canada spoilers are in for this week’s Veto Ceremony as part of the second round of this week’s Double Eviction craziness. The Veto competition was held over the weekend while the Feeds were down but the results were quickly discovered when the Feeds came back and the HGs started to plot the next eviction.

Read on to find out what happened at this week’s Veto Ceremony in the Big Brother Canada house, though rest assured it was nowhere as wild and crazy as the one last week with multiple powers flying around the house.

Neda did not use her Power of Veto. The Sloppies had decided to keep the Gremlins up on the block and send one of them home. What else would they do? Rachelle should go this week then Sabrina the next. Sorry, Adel, but you’ll be the first to go when the Gremlins are gone unless you pull out a critical win.

The Big Brother Canada 2014 season is winding down in its last few weeks as there aren’t many HGs left in the game and the Jury starts to build its numbers. Which HG do you think has the best shot at clinching the title and the prize?


  1. I think we saw the real Adel when he flipped on Marsha the moose when he did not complete his task. Mr nice Adel was completely gone and the real adel showed himself.

      • And it was to be expected considering it was a task the rest of the house needed to fail in order to win the larger task at hand.

    • The “Real” Adel?
      If you’re going to be in the Big Brother house for 50 days, you’re going to build so much stress and anxiety that whatever you are in that house is likely the only time you’ll act like that in your lifetime. If anything, this is far from the “real” Adel.

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