Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Veto Plans For Week 8.5

Big Brother Canada is getting back on track today after a weekend of craziness thanks to the Instant Eviction, all part of the Double Eviction Week on BBCAN2. Feeds returned last night to reveal the Veto winner and what we can expect at today’s Veto Ceremony.

Sabrina on Big Brother Canada
Sabrina on Big Brother Canada – Source: Slice

These Big Brother Canada spoilers won’t be revealed until Wednesday’s episode so if you want to remain surprise then skip the rest of this article. Otherwise, let’s take a look at what should happen at today’s PoV meeting.

The winner of this week’s Power of Veto is Neda. She’ll be in charge of keeping Adel’s nominations of the Gremlins in place and that’s just what she’ll do. I have no expectation of her using the Veto today. Neda discussed with Jon what she’d have to say when announcing she won’t use the Veto which makes it pretty clear.

That move will make Rachelle and Sabrina the final noms for this week. One of those two will leave for Jury on Thursday night and right now that looks set to be Rachelle. The Sloppies say they’d rather face Sabrina than Rachelle in a possible endurance or other physical competition.

What do you think of Neda’s Veto plans for today’s PoV Ceremony? Would you expect her to do anything differently?

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