Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Week 6 Veto Ceremony Results

Power of Veto on Big Brother Canada

Spoilers are in for Big Brother Canada’s Veto Ceremony now the the Feeds are back from the meeting. The HGs gathered today in the living room to hear what the winner of this week’s Veto had decided to do with Heather’s nominations. Read on to find out what happened and who will be the final nominees this week on BBCAN2.

Since he was already on the block it’s no surprise at all that Kenny used the Veto & saved himself.

Funny thing is though, the other nominee seems to have a Veto too. Yep, Allison found the Hidden Veto last night but she did not use her Veto and remains on the block. Why would she take that risk? She’s been assured safety this week and I believe that it’s a trustworthy promise from the controlling side of the house.

In Kenny’s place Heather named Sarah as the renom. Heather had told the girls she’d either go with Sarah and Sabrina, but her mind had been made up on Sarah for awhile now. That means either Sarah or Allison will be evicted on Thursday during the first part of the Double Eviction night. Right now I’m heavily leaning toward expecting Sarah to be heading home.

What do you think of Heather’s decision on the Veto renom? What would you have done with the Veto this week?


  1. Allison’s taking a big gamble. I like that. It makes her look less like she was a flop.

    • She’s definitely taking on some risk here, but I guess that’s the game. I always think how terrible I’d feel to get voted off Survivor and have a hidden immunity idol in my bag. This could be her same situation, but unless something big happens she’ll be safe.

  2. Allison not using her own Veto? I have to assume this isn’t just a Veto. We might be looking at a Diamond Power of Veto, or something else altogether. Details are very slim right now.

    Assuming it’s a regular Veto, it’s still a risk worth taking. If she saved herself, that one action would basically put her on the block right away next week. Rumor in the house is that Sarah volunteered to go up so she can go home before Jury, and if this is true, and as long as the voting house guests don’t decide to dick her around, Sarah should be going home and Allison, knowing this, shouldn’t feel the need to waste her new power, whatever exactly it is, when everyone else already knows whats going to happen.

  3. Finally, Arlie confessed to everyone he’s abandoning the F5 alliance. Revealing the whole story about F5….Yeah !, It’s about time.

    • Yeah, he did. But i still don’t trust him. He could always vote to keep Sarah and blame it on someone else. But why did he tell her NOW? Because he would feel bad blindsiding her? He created a crap storm for himself until Thursday. Kennys wrath and Sarahs tears will be hard to handle. Not to mention Sabrinas lies.

      • I know This is a guy that tells everyone “You’re the only person in the house that I trust with all my heart”…and throws crazy

  4. This “live feeds’ is really crappy. With only 2 cameras that are functioning properly, it’s gets muted every freaking minute. I know its “free”.thank you !!..but it’s a joke !..just saying..

  5. What if Allison could use the veto on the person getting evicted n her self n have someone else out of the house…of her choice.

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