Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Week 4 Veto Ceremony Results

This week’s Big Brother Canada Power of Veto ceremony is over and we have the spoiler results. If you can’t wait until Wednesday’s episode for the big reveal then read on to find out what happened. Otherwise steer clear of the spoilers below.

Alec Beall Big Brother Canada

The winner of this week’s PoV, Alec, has decided not to use the Power of Veto. A good choice considering the alternative where Gary promised a renom of Peter should Alec choose to go after one of the original noms.

Now either Tom or Liza will be sent packing and Gary might not have as much control over that decision as he thinks he might right now.

Do you think Tom made the right decision? Would you have used the Veto and named a renom instead?

Then of course there’s the double eviction chaos coming up so there should be even more craziness on our way later this week on Big Brother Canada.


  1. Good for you Alec. I say lets get rid of Tom. He is too power trippy. The players that guilt others into thinking they deserve to win over everyone else never win.

  2. Tom is going to feel like a supreme dumbass when he looks back and realizes he was his own worst enemy, not to mention how hard he got played by Horsemouth (Liza). Can’t stand that bitch.

    • Ah, Tom will never realize he ruined his own game – people like that never take the blame for their own actions. But I think it would be pretty wicked if Tom AND Liza were evicted in the 1-2 eviction this week!

  3. Interesting. Must be tough living in this bubble and not being able to step away from the game even for a moment. I wonder if these HG ever miss their day-job. Tom comes across as too agressive and ignorant. Isn’t he a (young) firefighter? May take him a while to mature…

    • He’s a broke bartender, at best he’s a volunteer fire fighter with a get even attitude..hope he goes home. He wanted to show Canada for saving his nominee, hopefully Thursday Canada will be laughing…

  4. the show is boring and weak.Players in the house need to get a backbone. Very Weak season 1.
    Thank you.

  5. Was not a fan of Alec before now but now I think he is a big baby, crying numerous times because Tom opened the shower door on him, what a suck. He just embarrassed himself way more then his penis ever could. Can’t wait for Topaz to dumb his sorry ass out the door.

    • i watched the whole episode of BB after dark and the incident with Alec was NOT aired. I know the HG’s don’t know what is seen and what isn’t but ALEC is the biggest, suckiest , crybaby I have ever seen in my life, like holy SH1T man, this whiner is pathetic… then to get that bitch Topaz to start ranting and raving at Tom when she had no first hand knowledge of the incident just proves how much of an airhead she is… these people (Alec, Topaz, Talla and Gary ) all went off the deep end over this , wtf ! they are complete LOSERS , I hate (cant’ stand) having to watch them…

  6. Since Alec won POV…and is not using it…I hope Liza goes home, because I want Tom to stay to get back at Emmett for betraying him…Emmett is a liar, cheater in HOH and deserves to go home…Alec is a whinner and needs his so -called romance to pick him up everyday…and why does everyone hate Tom…okay when he came into the house he was real arrogant…but the softer side of Tom came out when he was in the Taping room and talked about his mom who has cancer…I cried for him, but one thing he didn’t do like soooo many other players in the past, they made up illnesses in their family to gain pity amongst the other players to keep them in the game…but Tom never once let on about his personal issues to anyone…that’s what made me like him more, he started off like a jerk, but got better…in the other hand…Emmett started off by everyone liking the farm boy, but ended up being the jerk…so if Liza goes first, I hope Emmett or Suzette followers.

  7. I used to like Emmit , but to put a knife in your bros back when he’s not even a threat to you and would help you out any way he can. All I can say is shame shame >hope your the next to go !!

  8. Alec did right to not take Liza off. Although some hate her more than they do Tom. This can backfire. I to am so looking forward to tomorrow night.

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