Big Brother Canada Results: Who Was Voted Out & Who Won HoH Last Night On BBCAN4? 4/14/2016

It was eviction time on Big Brother Canada 4 last night as another Houseguest was voted off to Jury and the viewers got in the game per another external influence twist on the season. Sigh.

Big Brother Canada host Arisa Cox
Big Brother Canada host Arisa Cox – Source: Global

Maddy sent Raul and Kelsey to the Block this week and one of them was about to join Mitch in the Jury House. The other who stays behind will get a chance at the viewers’ vote, but I’m guessing neither of those two are going to be leading fan favorites anytime soon.

So I’m expecting this to be the end of Raul’s game and according to our poll we could see Nikki with a strong shot at becoming the new HoH. Now wouldn’t that be interesting? Time to find out what’s really going to happen though.

Eviction Vote – Week 7:

  • Tim votes to evict: Kelsey
  • Cassandra votes to evict: Raul
  • Phil/Nick vote to evict: Raul
  • Nikki votes to evict: Raul
  • Jared votes to evict: Raul
  • That’s enough votes.
  • Joel votes to evict: Raul
  • Ramsey votes to evict: Raul

By a vote of 6-1, Raul has been evicted from Big Brother Canada 4.

Head of Household – Week 8:
Since the show was taped earlier and voting continued until 8PM ET it can’t be part of tonight’s episode. They may string it along until Sunday’s show again, but we’ll find out sooner than that.

Hmm. So last night at 10PM ET I’m pretty sure the poll said it had 22 hours to go, but then it closed much earlier than 8PM ET and the “game of chance” has already been held according to the spoilers. Go figure.

  • Viewers voted for Nikki & Phil/Nick to be Wild Card HoH.

Nicely done, readers, who voted up Nikki (1st) and Phil/Nick (3rd) in our poll this week. The brothers were third, but only by a bit behind Jared, who was not one of the top two after all.

Houseguests dropped balls in to a roulette wheel with four being the magic number to win and it goes to…

  • The new HoH is Phil & Nick!

The next Big Brother Canada episode airs at 7PM ET/PT on Sunday night and will feature the week’s nominations while Wednesday’s episode (9/8c) will cover the Veto competition and ceremony to get us ready for the next eviction show.


  1. Yeah I tried to vote but it was closed! Stupid because I still had time but it was gone!

    Like most people I cheer for the underdog but this season I can’t seem to figure out who that is. I know a lot of people think the three-headed monster is not only powerful but not a underdog however they really are! They’ve been honest since the beginning about their loyalties to each other. And lots of the HGs have equal amount of royalties with their alliance members but the three-headed monster is just more vocal. In my opinion they are The Underdogs because of their honesty! So I do cheer for them.

  2. & another thing I want to point out is Kelsey from the very beginning of the season of Big Brother has been the underdog. She was targeted the very first week and since then unless Raul Jared or of course herself had HOH they were very clear targets! They dodged a few bullets example Maddie’s stupid fake HOH/ double eviction where is she voted out her Alliance member Loveita (I still cannot get over how stupid that was!)
    The way I look at it is a lot of the HGs have just been rolling through the game having a great time and never being worried where is Kelsey especially has not had the best time in the house! She’s always a Target, she’s rarely got to sit back and just enjoy herself in the house. People like Tim, the brothers, Nicki have been sitting pretty and just having fun! Kelsey has had a completely different experience then most of the other HGs so I can’t help but root for her……. she really is the underdog! And a lot of the girls immediately targeted her because she is pretty and that is pathetic! This is a game! Not high school! Maddie are you listening?? Maddie has done nothing. Her first HOH she got Loveita evicted! She went completely against Dallas who has been her number one Ally since the beginning! And essentially it’s because of her he went home! & now this ‘big move’ putting up Kelsey and Jared… That was not a big move! It was not shocking! It was very clear Kelsey would be on the Block because Maddie is a jealous insecure little girl. She’s not playing a good game! Sure getting out one of the three headed monsters is a good game move for any of them but it’s not like Maddie is this number 1, super smart, not afraid to make big moves player! Did anybody expect anything less then Maddy putting up Kelsey? The only somewhat of a surprise what is putting up Jared next to her but that wasn’t even a surprise. It was him or Raul. She’s giving way too much credit! In my opinion

    • Sadly, as a female I agree it was pretty funny! Unfortunately true….. Makes the female species look pretty pathetic, eh? But we’re not! It’s just a production ploy to cast girls that have very strong personalities & none want to play second fiddle.

      Seriously why can’t one of them not be jealous of the other? I know some don’t want to hear this but Kelsey is the only secure one with the other girls…. Ok maybe Cassandra too but she’s oblivious to the whole game right now… She’s got it all in her hands, yaaaaaaa…. Errrr…. Yaaaaaaa….sure!

      Even Nikki, if she became HOH she wanted Cassandra out so there’s a clear path to Tim. OMG!! Go home! Get on… Just go! You’re really not that funny cuz it’s all an act.
      Thank goodness the boyzzzzzz won with the luck of others on the roulette wheel!! Gooooo bro boyzzzz!

  3. Awesome, the brothers are HOH and finally have to play the game! I can’t wait to see what they do! I can see them aligning with Jared and Kelsey but…… who knows! If Kelsey went home I think Jared would have had a better chance of staying off the block this week with the brothers in control. And in my opinion the brothers should keep Kelsey and Jared around because once one of them is gone, the brothers become a big Target!!
    Who do you think they will put up?? My hope is Maddie and a pawn…. preferably Nikki because I want to watch her all week go crazy LOL and if the veto is not used then Maddie will for sure be going home!!

    Go home Maddie! Don’t even go to jury, you do not deserve to be there!!!!

    • We’re all over her leaving the game…. Lololol!
      Are we in high school too? Just kidding with ya girl! I hear you & think the same way. Just leave & don’t come back. ‘Let’ the door hit you on the way out & I hope after the game Maddie is reading some of the comments about her & they hit home. You just can’t go thru life treating ppl that way! She needs a life coach!

      • Oh Tink, well said! “Let the door hit you….” lol! “She needs a life coach” you’re breaking me up lady šŸ™‚

  4. Are both of the brothers HOH or just the one who was competing this week?
    I assume they would go for Maddy; they did vote against her before and I believe they were her original target this week – not sure if they know that.

    • The brothers are playing as one. One vote, will be nominated as one and will be evicted as one. So I would assume both of them will occupy the HoH rm…How long will they keep this twist?..who knows.

    • Both brothers are HoH, but in terms of competition, it will be Nick who will compete for the Veto.

    • That would be impressive! I think it’s a possibility… Same with Nikki! People are afraid to even use her as a pawn! Or to make her a have not! So regardless if she’s doing what she’s doing on purpose or if she really is the way she is acting, it’s working LOL

  5. Honestly, I’m quite disappointed in the brothers becoming HoH. In my personal opinion, not many people this season have been playing a strategic game and I would have liked someone to have won that would do something strategic. I have seen next to none of that from the brothers and don’t think they deserve it. That’s just my own opinion which I know many other people will disagree considering they were highly voted for.

    • I thought they were waiting to play with their vast knowledge of the game?? I know that they’re super keen fans & that they ‘know’ the game. How they use this knowledge will be interesting for sure.

      And didn’t someone mention that they were in 3rd place behind Jared on the polls? How does BB get away with that? (If true) and how does BB get away with saying the polls are open for so long & then cut that short? How authentic are the votes then? So BB is once again screwing with the game & someone will go home becuz of that screw up! (Hopefully Maddie then I won’t be so pissed)

  6. I don’t understand why so many people think negatively about Tim!?!? I guess he is the type of person you love or hate. I think he’s hilarious and brings a lot of entertainment to the show. Maybe there is things that I don’t see on Big Brother after Dark or the live feeds??

    • So many people? I thought I was the only one. He should not be there, he was on BB Australia an WON! Why is Canada so willing to bring him all the way here and give him more money? It is not a level playing field.

      • Here… Here! I couldn’t agree more. They both won their season & are keen on how to work the HGs. It isn’t a level playing field to begin with.
        But as this is a CANADIAN show I bet ‘Canada’ will vote to have them win….. Cuz as Canadians all we do is roll over and say…. Scratch my tummy! We are such a weak country or giving country. It just baffles me why our country doesn’t take care of their own first or along with…..
        I don’t want to get into politics but seriously! Why are they still in the house? Why? Why? Why? Argh!

        • Nikki has never won here in the UK, despite being on the show about 4 times! This is also a completely different show for them, there’s no HOH or veto in either the UK or Austrailia, it’s basically a popularity contest with the pubic! This is the reason that I hate and never watch the UK show as you get a bunch of people trying too hard to impress. I much prefer the game talk and competitions. You feel like whoever wins really deserves it. I can see why you wouldn’t want either of them winning though.

      • LOL no I don’t think you’re alone, he seems to get on other people’s nerves as well. We voted him in LOL I personally didn’t vote but….. I was glad to see him come in at least instead of Jay? Freak from the US!
        I have no idea why BB would do this type of twist…. I don’t think it will be fair if Tim won even though I do like him. It’s Big Brother Canada!
        He seems like he’s there to have fun and really doesn’t seem like he wants to win. At least from what I’ve seen, he seems to want to try and help other people win. Plus the Canadian dollar does suck LOL

        • I do remember Jay the freak from the US. I don’t know about the Australian dollar but the Canadian dollar is actually getting better, hey a bit from Australia a bit from Canada and he’s sitting pretty darn good. A Canadian should win on BB Canada.

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