Big Brother Canada 4: Eviction Prediction In Week 7

Seven votes tonight on Big Brother Canada means there’s no chance of a tie and Maddy’s role is over this week. So what will the rest of the house decide to do tonight?

Kelsey looks worried about that eviction vote
Kelsey looks worried about that eviction vote – Source: Global

There really hasn’t been a lot of debate this week unlike other recent weeks and with both noms coming from the same alliance most HGs probably don’t care as much as they should and are just happy to have the Third Wheel split up.

Tim has been an interesting bellwether for votes as HGs seem to give a lot of weight to what he’s doing. Or maybe he’s just following their lead and making it look like his own! Either way, he’s planning to vote out Raul. Just three more to go.

Obviously Jared won’t vote against Kelsey. Two down. Cassandra doesn’t want Kelsey to go apparently and Nikki will go along with Tim on this one. There we go and we have the four votes to evict Raul.

Who do you think will be voted out tonight on Big Brother?

We’ll be back here at 8PM ET to watch it play out with our live coverage of the not-so-live show. Since tonight’s Big Brother Canada episode will be taped in advance you can find the spoilers on Twitter, but I’m going to avoid that and watch the “live-not-live” show.